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Texas builds a wall on the border with Mexico

The US state of Texas is building a barrier on the border with Mexico, the US section of the International Boundary and Water Commission (IBWC) has confirmed.

Members of the Texas National Guard have been erecting for the past three months a 1.8-meter, military-style wire fence on the banks of the Rio Grande, the ‘El Paso Times’ has reported.

“We’re not asking for permission. We’re doing the federal government’s job to secure the border.”

, Texas builds a wall on the border with Mexico
Texas Governor Greg Abbott (Photo internet reproduction)

“The Texas National Guard is taking the lead to upholding US laws by establishing more than 60 miles (nearly 100 kilometers) of barbed wire barrier along the border,” Texas Governor Greg Abbott has stated.

Abbott already announced in February that the fentanyl issue was an “emergency”, so the penalties against traffickers of this drug were toughened, and they could be charged with homicide.

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