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Opinion: Russian television claims to have heard British threat of nuclear attack and shows teeth

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – (Opinion) Politicians in Europe are playing with all our lives. Now that the left and the Greens, in particular, can no longer keep it together when it comes to arms and ammunition supplies, Great Britain was going one better.

The British Foreign Minister Elizabeth Truss, together with Boris Johnson, had again formulated numerous grandiose threats in the direction of Russia with the consequence that there, because of her, nuclear weapons have already been put on alert.

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German alternative newspaper ‘Anti-Spiegel’ reported the fact in detail.

British Foreign Minister Elizabeth Truss. (Photo internet reproduction)
British Foreign Minister Elizabeth Truss. (Photo internet reproduction)

First, the back story. In early March, Ms. Truss stated that NATO might interfere in the Ukraine conflict. No one felt the need to deny this statement, and so it stood.

As a result, Russia put its nuclear forces on heightened alert.

Like many other modern politicians, Ms. Truss seems to have a penchant for saying too much too fast. For example, the Ukraine war could last for 10 years.

Moreover, Truss had already demonstrated her incompetence and especially her lack of knowledge of history in several appearances.

Shortly before her trip to Moscow in early February, she uttered such historical nonsense in a public speech that she received only derision in response, even from the Russian Foreign Ministry, who published the following:

“British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss, who recently rode through the Baltics in a tank, said today that Ukraine has experienced many invasions – “from the Mongols to the Tatars”

Three questions from Russian colleagues to the British diplomat:

How many years have passed between the two invasions, of the Mongols and the Tatars?

Was the suffering of Ukrainians under fascism not mentioned because it was insignificant or because the British Crown not only supported but was touched by German Nazism until the 1940s?

What educational institution did Ms. Truss receive her degree from?”

In principle, in a free democracy, there should be no problem with people saying what they think.

It becomes somewhat more problematic when one is the foreign minister of a nuclear power, which in turn forms a military alliance called NATO with other nuclear powers – and openly threatens a supposedly opposing nuclear power.


The bone of contention was the British government’s statement that it reserved the right to retaliate itself, without consulting NATO, if Russia used weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

By its own admission, however, Russia has no interest in using weapons of mass destruction. There is also no strategic benefit to such action.

Rather, it is to be feared that someone is carrying out a false flag action (comparable to Bucha or the Kramatorsk station) in order to blame it on Russia.

(Fragments of a video showing the Ukrainian army spreading dead bodies in Bucha were inadvertently released to the media.)

Both in Bucha and in Kramatorsk it later turned out that the hasty accusations addressed to Russia were misplaced. But by then it might be too late.

What if a country like the UK loses its nerve in the first days after such a provocation and carries out an attack on Russia?

Russian doctrine leaves no room for doubt:

The Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in response to the use of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction against itself and (or) its allies.

Most Europeans have grown up with pacifism and consider it just and important. They are against war, but especially against nuclear war.

Now suddenly, almost overnight, the self-appointed elites have decided to throw this principle overboard and call for more war with a bloodthirsty look.

No one is interested in peace negotiations, no one is interested in defusing words and coming closer at the negotiating table.

Has everyone gone mad?

Many bureaucrats and politicians take it for granted that only the others have to pay and suffer. They themselves are and remain desk jockeys.

The German minister Habeck (Greens), for example, recently said this quite openly. Habeck said even before the conflict in Ukraine: “I don’t have to fight in this war, I don’t have to die”.

Russia does not share this quirky humor. Take a look at the Russian response to Boris Johnson and Elizabeth Truss.

The Russian station’s report ended with the words:

And one more important detail. Russia has no intention to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine. Sergei Lavrov has repeatedly said that. And there are no conditions in Ukraine that would justify such a thing.

The invention of these wild plans was brought to public attention by CIA Director William Burns. It was he who started the myth about the possible use of Russian tactical nuclear weapons.

Then it was picked up by Zelenskyj and Boris Johnson threatened to strike Russia, supposedly “in retaliation.” Everyone should calm down. The issue is too serious to joke about.


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