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Brazil, China, and India don’t want Washington calling the shots, says Russian FM Sergey Lavrov in RT interview

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Sergey Lavrov spoke with RT on current world trends in geopolitics, claiming the EU talks the talk on independent strategy – but Washington dictates its security.

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The US wants to come back to a unipolar world, take the melting pot concept global, and be the melter. Europe has lost its independence, and Germany is clearly under the order of the US.

▪️UN vote on Russia’s operation in Ukraine saw unprecedented pressure and blackmail on officials – with threats to seize assets or stop schooling for kids in the US.

▪️Brazil, China, India, Argentina and Mexico don’t want Washington calling the shots

▪️Operation in Ukraine to protect civilians who’ve been bombed for eight years, to demilitarize and denazification

▪️TikTok targets children to brainwash them, unfair acts by US and rules are needed to create competition

▪️Information “terrorism” playing out, Germany’s Bild newspaper claimed I turned back from a trip to China – fake news habit a shame.

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