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Opinion: Musk talks about the possibility of Twitter going bankrupt, new beginning urgent

(Opinion) Two weeks after buying Twitter for US$44 billion, Elon Musk, who recently came out as one of those who switched to the rapid-growing Republican camp, has spoken out about the possibility of the company going bankrupt.

On the same day, he faced the resignation of top executives and a warning from the U.S. Data Protection Agency.

The gloating he’s getting from Progressives, and their international media mouthpieces for this is intense.

What is not mentioned, however, is the need to purge the company of progressives once and for all if it is to become a ‘Free Speech beacon truly’.

Musk talks about the possibility of Twitter going bankrupt, new beginning urgent. (Photo internet reproduction)
Musk talks about the possibility of Twitter going bankrupt, a new beginning urgent. (Photo internet reproduction)

Bankruptcy is also the most elegant way to eliminate old burdens in the USA. One of the wealthiest men knows this, of course.

According to Bloomberg, the bankruptcy statement was made via email on Thursday (Nov. 10). In the text, Musk talked about the need to increase subscription revenue to offset declining advertising revenue.

If that doesn’t happen, Twitter won’t be able to “survive the next economic downturn,” he added.

One of the executives who resigned Thursday (Nov. 10) was Yoel Roth. He was in charge of combating what they call at the ‘old Twitter’ hate speech, misinformation, and spam.

But what he really was, is a most efficient engine for censoring conservative opinions and world views.

Musk can serenely ditch the progressive bunch (or have them resign) and the advertisers that go with it if this is over.

Conservative advertisers will fill the gaps, but only if censorship stops.

Roth changed his description on his profile on the social network to “former head of trust and safety” on Twitter.

However, among conservatives, he is called the censorship czar.

On Thursday (Nov. 10), Lea Kissner, the platform’s chief information security officer, another progressive hardcore ideologist, tweeted that she had “made the difficult decision to leave Twitter.”

According to Reuters, Chief Privacy Officer Damien Kieran and Chief Compliance Officer Marianne Fogarty are also stepping down.

What a loss, indeed.

In the same email, Twitter’s owner banned remote work. He noted that employees must be in the office for at least 40 hours a week.

After Siru Murugesan openly talked about the biased work ethic (he calls them ‘commies’) at the ‘old’ Twitter in a video, many said getting rid of these people is necessary and shutting down home offices too.

Listen for yourself.

Musk took over as head of the most important progressive social network on Oct. 27 and robbed the globalists of their most important social media.

Since then, many of the ‘old’ advertisers have left the platform. The entrepreneur said the company has even lost more than US$4 million per day in ads.

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