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Lobbies and billionaires fund climate activists’ museum trashings

By Alonso de Mendoza*

The story is old: a group of activists that nobody knows is filmed perpetrating a protest action, and a minute later, the images circulate all over the world’s televisions.

It seems spontaneous and clumsy, even trashy, but it is not.

Behind these apparently social actions are powerful lobbies and multimillionaire people injecting hundreds of thousands of euros.

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Their goal is to control the narrative and make people believe that the social impulse is on the side of the ideological causes they finance, from which they obtain enormous benefits in the form of subsidies and transfer of national patrimony into their hands.

The latest example was seen this Sunday with the spectacle staged by two German activists in front of a painting by Claude Monet worth over US$111 million, at which they splashed mashed potatoes in a Potsdam museum as a stunt to bring attention to climate change.

The organization they belong to is called ‘Letzte Generation’ (Last Generation in German) and was created just a year ago.

Despite its short life, only in the first quarter of 2022, this supposed NGO received a whopping 250,000 dollars from the Climate Emergency Fund, an American entity founded by Aileen Getty, a rich heiress of the oil business whose family fortune is estimated at between 5 and 20 billion dollars.

A brief internet review shows that Letzte Generation is not just a club of volunteers who use their free time to raise awareness of the effects of the “climate crisis”.

Both its website and its social networks reflect a huge investment of time and money in actions, talks, posters, graphic design, and merchandising that is hardly financed with the savings of a group of students.

On the contrary, it is a costly and frenetic full-time activity that requires extra funding to cover the fines, bonds, and lawyers derived from their numerous acts of vandalism, which they publicize.

The website of this organization was created on the eve of the German federal elections in 2021 and is in the name of an employee of the University of Augsburg.

On its Youtube channel, it is verified that the first video posted on the platform is a dialogue between the current German Chancellor, the leftist Olaf Scholz, and a political science student at the same university.

The talk is presented by the former President of the European Parliament and former Social Democrat candidate for the German Chancellorship, Martin Schulz. Everything stays at home.

The aforementioned Climate Emergency Fund does not only finance this organization.

In addition to numerous donations to the US Democratic Party, it is also behind other recently created climate activist groups such as Just Stop Oil, Scientist Rebellion, and Extinction Rebellion.

From the first came the recent attack on Van Gogh’s Sunflowers with industrial tomato soup, and from the second, the vandalization of the stairs of the Spanish Congress of Deputies with red paint, both actions widely reported by the mainstream media.

And although public opinion has strongly rejected these acts, the collective subconscious already knows which side the social pressure is on.

Aileen Getty. (Photo internet reproduction)
Aileen Getty. (Photo internet reproduction)

The founder of the Climate Emergency Fund boasted on Saturday in The Guardian about funding such radical actions.

In an article entitled, “I fund climate activism and applaud the Van Gogh protest,” the wealthy oil heiress admitted in her own handwriting to having made a fortune from fossil fuels.

But she justified herself by claiming that she once sold her oil company and “vowed” to use the millions in profits to “protect life on Earth.”

The truth is that in addition to financing the climate lobby, Aileen Getty is the main shareholder of Wasteful, a company that defines itself as a “producer of renewable fuels” and which is surely taking its share of the millionaire intergovernmental funds for the so-called “ecological transition”.

She is also a multi-owner and owner of at least ten mansions, including homes in Manhattan, Los Angeles, and Miami.

A woman, so committed to the planet that she wants to keep it all for herself.

* Barcelona, 1981. Degree in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra. Journalist. Author of the Youtube channel ‘Alonso DM’.

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