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International research groups find tiny sharp metal objects in Covid vaccines: ‘Very frightening’

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Earlier this week, a press conference was held at the pathology institute in Reutlingen, Germany, on the results of studies on Covid-19 vaccines conducted by an Austrian, Japanese, and American research group. Images of the press conference were removed by YouTube.

Two renowned German pathologists, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt and Prof. Dr. Walter Lang confirmed the content of Prof. Dr. Peter Schirmacher’s report on the links found in autopsies between the Covid vaccine and the increasing number of deaths in vaccinated individuals.

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Prof. Peter Schirmacher, M.D., director of autopsy services, found a causal link to vaccination in one-third of the deaths within 14 days of Covid-19 vaccination.

At their press conference, pathologists stressed that the situation was alarming.

Stream the English translation of the press conference here.

The groups studied hundreds of vaccine bottles from Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. “What they discovered is shocking,” Dr. Jane Ruby said on the Stew Peters Show.

The research groups stumbled upon countless tiny sharp metal objects, parasites, and all sorts of strange substances that they could not place at home and had never seen before. “Things that don’t belong in a vaccine,” Ruby said.

In their autopsies, the scientists went into great detail and used the latest technology. This is because it is the only way to link the vaccines, Burkhard said in the introduction.

Specifically, Prof. Dr. Burkhard said:

“Among what I am showing you, there are many things I have seen for the first time. Some things I can’t name yet because I’m still looking for names for them. We’re doing a peer review here with a lot of colleagues.”

“Severe effects are probably misdiagnosed by many pathologists as myocardial infarction.
“Lymphocyte collections are found everywhere”.

In all cases, the immune system has been attacked. Some diagnoses are difficult and often misinterpreted.

This press conference will give further impetus to the arguments of the opponents of vaccination. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical companies involved must urgently answer the questions posed by these top scientists, they say.

The results of the investigation have led to legal and political demands, for example, for the immediate collection of information by the authorities in order to be able to assess the health risk posed to the population by the Covid-19 vaccines.

For example, early signals of impaired fertility in vaccinated individuals can be examined by consulting IVF registries. Through the cancer registry, insights can be gained into the development of cancer due to the genetic modifications of the viral RNA. Suspension of Covid-19 vaccination should be considered, the researchers say.

Until then, everyone should ask themselves whether they are taking the risk of such a “vaccination” and exposing their immune system to this danger, they warn.


“What they discovered is shocking,” Dr. Jane Ruby said on the Stew Peters Show. She noted that the particles moved synchronously at the time they were heated. “This is very frightening,” she said.

According to Ruby, the researchers said that any country and company that continues the vaccination program would be sued and charged with crimes against humanity. The scientists also called for the cessation of the vaccination campaigns, she said.


Prof. Dr. Arne Burckhardt. (Photo internet reproduction)
Prof. Dr. Arne Burckhardt. (Photo internet reproduction)

Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt looks back on many years of teaching experience at the Universities of Hamburg, Bern, and Tübingen as well as visiting professorships/study visits in Japan (Nihon University), USA (Brookhaven National Institute), Korea, Sweden, Malaysia, and Turkey.

He headed the Institute of Pathology in Reutlingen for 18 years, after which he worked as a practicing pathologist. Prof. Burkhardt has published over 150 articles in journals and as contributions to handbooks.


Prof. Dr. Walter Lang. (Photo internet reproduction)
Prof. Dr. Walter Lang. (Photo internet reproduction)

Prof. Dr. Walter Lang worked as a pathologist at the Hannover Medical School from 1968-1985. Afterward, for 25 years, he directed a private institute for pathology in Hanover, which he founded, specializing in transplant pathology, extragynecological cytology, thyroid tumors, and lung/pleural pathology.

He performed consultation diagnostics for 12 primary lung clinics and performed liver pathology examinations for numerous clinics. In the period 1985-2020, he performed consultation examinations for the pathology department of the lung clinic in Herner.


Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz. (Photo internet reproduction)
Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz. (Photo internet reproduction)

Prof. Dr. Werner Bergholz is a former professor of electrical engineering with a focus on quality and risk management at the Jakobs University in Bremen. Before his appointment, Prof. Bergholz worked for 17 years in chip production management at Siemens.

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