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Former U.S. General Michael Flynn speaks to rebelling farmers in the Netherlands: “The whole world stands with you”

On Saturday, several thousand people in Amsterdam participated in a demonstration supporting farmers, truck drivers, and others. They gathered at Dam Square and then marched through the city.

Tractors and trucks decorated with flags stood in Dam Square. The demonstration was part of a worldwide protest. Many people carried an upside-down Dutch flag and red handkerchiefs.

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During the protest, a video message from former U.S. General Michael Flynn expressed his support for Dutch farmers. “We stand shoulder to shoulder with you. The world is behind the farmers. Your fight is our fight,” said Flynn, who called on everyone to post Dutch flags on social media.

“All of our rights are under attack,” Flynn continued. “We did not agree to have our freedoms taken away. And for that reason, many countries are beginning to rise up against their tyrannical governments.”

All over the world, people are peacefully resisting globalist elites, the former general said. Addressing Dutch farmers, Flynn said, “We admire your courage and are fighting to defend your land. Your freedoms are under attack, and we stand with you.”

People around the world joined the protests of support. In the Canadian capital of Ottawa, several convoys headed toward the Dutch Embassy:

Protesters marched through downtown Ottawa carrying upside-down Dutch flags:

In Christchurch, New Zealand, demonstrators paraded through the streets chanting, “No farmers, no food.”


Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s government says emissions of nitrogen oxides and ammonia produced by livestock must be drastically reduced near natural areas. These areas are part of a network of protected habitats for endangered plants and animals that stretches across the EU.

The government wants to eliminate 50 percent of the country’s nitrogen oxide and ammonia emissions by 2030. But this would deal a fatal blow to agriculture in the Netherlands.

In their message, the organizers call on concerned farmers and citizens to organize their regional actions to shut down all “food distribution centers and all major polluters” until “the government changes its plans.”

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