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Covid-19: As dark cloud of pandemic restrictions lifts in Europe, Brazil tightens grip on control

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL –  A number of countries in Europe have announced this week they will soon end Covid protocols, here’s what’s happening where:

▪️France lifted a ban on nightclubs as well as limits on sporting events Wednesday

▪️The Netherlands announced it would lift all virus restrictions by next week

▪️Austria and Switzerland said they’ll be dropping nearly all anti-Covid measures in March

▪️Germany will phase out its strictest Covid laws on “Freedom Day,” March 20

After extremely harsh coronavirus restrictions, much of Europe will soon be joining the likes of England, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway – who have abandoned nearly all virus-related rules.

Also, Israel’s vaccine “green pass” is to be scrapped. Yesterday, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Thursday Israel’s vaccination “green pass” system would be scrapped as cases of Covid-19 continue to decline.

The Omicron wave “has been broken,” Bennett said adding additional reductions in Coronavirus rules was in the pipeline.


In Brazil, on the other hand, nothing of the sort happens. Quite the opposite. In the largest Latin American country, no one is talking or reporting that the great “role model” Europe is changing its strategy by 180 degrees. No restrictions are being dismantled, but new ones are being introduced.

A few days ago, the Espirito Santo state announced that vaccine passports would require 3rd and 4th doses.

In January, Brazil started to demand full vaccination from top leagues soccer players.

Since February 14, Brazil has required that children over the age of five receive two doses of the Covid vaccine upon entry. Many of them have already been denied access.

This is not the fault of Bolsonaro’s conservative government, which values freedom and free expression above all else. If it had its way, Brazil would not have introduced the restrictions in the first place.

No one in Brazil controls the Supreme Court that is out of control and has usurped the power of the country. (Photo internet reproduction)
No one in Brazil controls the Supreme Court that is out of control and has usurped the country’s power. (Photo internet reproduction)

But the government is regularly overruled by Brazil’s Supreme Court STF, which, according to the growing number of critics, is out of control and has usurped the country’s power.

The STF regularly exceeds its powers with complete impunity and acts according to the dictates of the international “progressive” left (sow Covid hysteria, terrify people, and then tighten control and introduce health apartheid) and has not only “overruled” Bolsonaro on all proposals to relax the Covid with a veto, but has also silently tightened the restrictions.

Brazil’s Supreme Court also supports discrimination against the unvaccinated, as does leftist ex-president, an ex-convict, and a presidential candidate for this year’s election, Lula da Silva.

Just two weeks ago, in a globally unique and bold move, Bolsonaro’s conservative government ensured that the unvaccinated could fight back and report discrimination cases to the Human Rights Hotline, just as any other vulnerable population groups and minorities are allowed and encouraged to do.

On Monday, February 14, Justice Ricardo Lewandowski of the Federal Supreme Court (STF) prohibited the federal government from “receiving calls” from people who want to report discrimination for not being vaccinated against Covid-19. The complaints were received through the Human Rights Hotline “Disque 100” (“Dial 100”).

Recently, President Jair Bolsonaro stated he understands that Brazil lives a “dictatorship that comes through the pens”. Mainstream media ridiculed him, pretending not to understand what he meant or claiming his allegations had no fundament.

According to the President, Supreme Court decisions would often go in the opposite direction of freedom. In light of Lewandowski’s recent decision, it seems that the Brazilian President is correct.


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