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Chile is fully vaccinated and boosted to the teeth – but still high excess mortality

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – In Chile, about 90 percent of the “vaccine-eligible” population has been vaccinated against Covid-19; more than half have even received a “booster.” And yet, excess mortality* is exceptionally high.

We (and others) reported Chile’s relatively high vaccination rate last year, which was accompanied by a strikingly high number of cases. A look at the data makes it clear that vaccination against Covid-19 has not improved the situation in the country so far – not even in terms of excess mortality.

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Put simply, it seems that getting the experimental Covid shots or not makes no difference whatsoever in the fight against the virus. At least, that’s what a comparison of Chilean data with, for example, the United Kingdom and the United States, which have lower vaccination rates, suggests.

As the chart below illustrates, Chileans have now received significantly more experimental Covid vaccine injections than the British and Americans. It should be noted here that many of these are SinoVac and Pfizer shots.

Nevertheless, the manufacturers of these vaccines also advertise high protection against hospitalization and death from Covid 19 disease.

Unfortunately, however, excess mortality in the South American country remains high – it has not even dropped below normal levels since March 2020, as the chart below illustrates.

But this does not seem to be due to Covid-19 itself (i.e., people dying with or from infection with SARS-CoV-2) when comparing the relevant data. This is because the “third wave” was much weaker than the first two:

So what does this mean? Based on these data, one can conclude, on the one hand, that the injections do not seem to have a protective effect of 86% or more against death by/with Covid-19.

On the other hand, one should ask how many people in the South American country were harmed or even died due to side effects caused by the controversial vaccines.

Chile can now be added to the growing number of those countries whose “waves” after vaccination campaigns are at the same rate or even more deadly than before.

*Excess mortality is usually defined as the total number of deaths in a given region and time period during a public health crisis, such as a pandemic, minus the number of deaths that could reasonably have been expected in that region and time period under normal circumstances—that is, had the crisis not occurred. The excess or additional deaths may then be directly or indirectly attributed to the crisis.

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