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Censorship in Brazil: Lula da Silva’s allies consider prosecuting anyone who questions Covid shots

In several countries, the vaccines imposed on the population are already associated with thousands of suspected deaths and millions of serious adverse events.

But this does not seem to be of much interest to the allies of Luiz Lula da Silva, who was declared president-elect by the Brazilian electoral court TSE on Oct. 30.

The government transition team appointed by Lula da Silva to take care of the Health area is considering persecuting anyone who questions Covid “vaccines”.

According to the technical group, questioning suspected deaths and adverse effects can hinder the National Immunization Program (PNI) vaccination goals, so they say.

The petitioners’ goal is to frame people or movements that raise doubts about the “immunizers” in crimes against public health.

, Censorship in Brazil: Lula da Silva’s allies consider prosecuting anyone who questions Covid shots

“This week, we will meet influencers in the area of public health to hear ideas and opinions. We will pass it on to whoever will be in charge of the ministry to handle the demand,” said the group’s coordinator and senator, Humberto Costa.


A survey made with official data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC/USA) showed that 58% of deaths by Covid-19 in August were of vaccinated people.

In July this year, from a new update in the data of the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) surveillance system of the Brazilian National Health System (SUS), the data storage specialist and Ph.D. in Computer Science, Lorenzo Ridolfi, proved what was already pointed as a trend months ago.

People triple-vaccinated against Covid-19 are dying more from respiratory problems than the unvaccinated ones.

In December 2021, a survey by ‘The Collective of One’ website gathered more than a thousand scientific studies, references, and medical reports with evidence of the link between experimental Covid shots and cases of deaths and serious adverse reactions.

Even with suspected underreporting, as of the last update of the Vigimed Panel maintained by Anvisa, anti-covid serums are already associated with 29,208 notifications of side effects and 1,699 suspected deaths.

According to the VigiAcess panel of the Uppsala Monitoring Center maintained by the United Nations (UN) in collaboration with the International Drug Monitoring Center, vaccines from pharmaceutical giant Pfizer are already associated with 4,743,187 adverse reaction notifications since 2014.

Of those, 283,870 relate to post-vaccination heart problems.

The number of notifications about vaccines from 2020 to 2022 adds up to 4,743,007, which is almost 100% of all notifications listed by the panel.

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