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Brazil is scheduled to receive 50,000 monkeypox vaccines by October, but do you really need them?

After WHO Director Tedros went over the heads of his advisors to declare a Monkeypox emergency, Brazil will receive by October the first 50,000 vaccines it has ordered to combat what is called a ‘monkeypox outbreak’, which will be distributed to health professionals and people exposed to the virus.

Does any of this sound familiar? That’s precisely how the Covid crisis started. We don’t want panic and fear to take over, as we experienced with Covid, this time either. That’s why we’re now looking for alternative information so that you can compare official narratives with alternative ones and draw your own conclusions.

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This is all the more important because leading cities such as e.g. New York, which is governed by the progressive left, declared a state disaster emergency Friday (29) night over the continued spread of Monkeypox.

This statement is provocative, but enjoys the highest credibility among the vast majority of freedom activists. (Photo internet reproduction)
This statement is provocative but enjoys the highest credibility among most freedom activists. (Photo internet reproduction)

And here we are already at a crucial point that you should understand. While the increasingly authoritarian left had massively pushed the covid catastrophe narrative, lockdowns, distancing, masking, and vaccination requirements, and conservative circles waved it off, the same thing is now happening again with Monkeypox.

That is why you can expect U.S. states like New York or California to get all worked up about the issue, while states like Florida or Texas do not push the hysteria.

In Brazil, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, along with Salvador and other leftist globalist strongholds, are likely to quickly get on the Monkeypox hype as more conservatively governed cities and states tend to bide their time.


Chinese whistleblower Miles Guo and a growing number of medical professionals say the new evolving noise surrounding the alleged emergence of ‘monkeypox’ in Western nations is not what it appears to be. They say we are not witnessing the monkeypox virus run rampant across first-world countries for the first time.

(Whistleblower Miles Guo)

Instead, according to the tenor, we are witnessing the latest attempt to push draconian biosecurity policies by a large-scale cover-up of the devastating damage to the immune systems of people vaccinated with the Covid 19 vaccine.

The damage is allegedly so severe that it can be compared to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, also called V-AIDS.


WHO and vaccine critics say that Monkeypox only circulates in countries where Pfizer vaccines have been distributed. It is said to be used to advance a technocratic ‘Great Reset’.

It sounds like another conspiracy, but truth be told, what was considered a conspiracy theory yesterday (Covid-19 vaccine injuries and deaths, massive fraud with vaccine trials) is a sad reality today. That is why the rapidly growing circle of ‘conspiracy theorists’ say that, as a matter of fact, they are ‘conspiracy realists’.

Here is a list of (unproven) claims by vaccine critics and freedom activists that you should know about. Their veracity is not certain, but these claims are widely discussed in the alternative media and receive a lot of attention. It is better to be safe than sorry.

▪️’ Monkeypox’ is circulating throughout several countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Brazil, Australia, and most of Europe, all at the same time

▪️The WHO has not received a single report of Monkeypox from any country in the world where the Pfizer vaccine was not administered

▪️ Health authorities are scrambling to cover up the damage of injecting millions of people with an experimental mRNA injection

▪️’ Monkeypox’ is Covid-19 vaccine-induced herpes infection, shingles, autoimmune blistering disease, and other ailments brought on by a weakened immune system caused by the Covid-19 vaccine

▪️Authorities are also using it to advance their technocratic agenda

“Monkeypox has never spread like this before”, says Dr. Meryl Nass, a former biological warfare epidemiologist. She discussed the possibility of the virus being a bioweapon, especially since the vaccine was created before any significant outbreaks. (see video below)


Just one day after Tedros from the World Health Organization declared Monkeypox a global health emergency; the European Medical Agency has rubber-stamped Bavarian Nordic’s smallpox vaccine for use against Monkeypox.

The Imvanex vaccine had already been approved in the U.S. and Canada for treatment of Monkeypox, having received significant investment from Washington over the last two decades.

Bavarian Nordic’s share price has shot up 122% in the last three months.

Vanguard and Blackrock are among the largest shareholders of Bavarian Nordic, the maker of the monkeypox vaccine Jynneos. The largest shareholder is Invesco, which “happens” to work with the World Economic Forum.


The World Health Organization’s recent declaration of Monkeypox as a “Public Health Emergency of International Concern” (PHEIC) was made by one man, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who has no medical training, over the objection of the majority of his own expert committee of medical and scientific advisers.

Nine committee members thought a PHEIC should not be declared, and six supported a declaration.

“Nine and six are very, very close. Since the committee’s role is to advise, I then had to act as a tie-breaker,” Tedros said in a news conference to announce the decision.

Rosamund Lewis, the WHO technical lead for Monkeypox, in a press conference on July 20, said: “About 98 percent of (monkeypox) cases are among men who have sex with men –and primarily those who have multiple recent anonymous or new partners.” She then said they are typical of young age and chiefly in urban areas.

After freedom activists criticized his rush forward, Tedros added that mass vaccination against Monkeypox is not recommended at this time.


“The World Health Organization (WHO) does not advocate mass vaccination. For this reason, we are talking about a different vaccination campaign than COVID-19, which are completely different viruses, with a completely different mode of infection and lethality. They are completely different diseases,” Tedros said two days ago.

He explained that Monkeypox had been limited to specific groups, unlike COVID-19, which can be transmitted indiscriminately to all humans.

“The epidemiological data suggest that of the nearly 20,000 cases worldwide, 95% have been confirmed in men who have sex with men, but it should not be stigmatized because the main mode of transmission is simple skin-to-skin contact with the infected person,” he said.


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