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Emergency in agriculture continues despite rain in Uruguay

Despite recent rains and the government ending the water emergency, Uruguay’s agricultural emergency continues, said Fernando Mattos, Minister of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries.

The water emergency pertains only to drinking water and consumption in the Montevideo metropolitan area.

“It does not impact agriculture,” highlighted Mattos, noting that the agricultural emergency decree remains valid until September 23.

After attending the 198th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence in the Florida Department (south), the minister informed journalists that climate projections would be reviewed to decide on extending the emergency.

“We are better off than a few months ago, but some regions still face a structural water shortage,” the official mentioned.

Fernando Mattos. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Fernando Mattos. (Photo Internet reproduction)

The agricultural emergency declaration, initiated in October 2022, applies to the entire country due to an unprecedented drought in the South American nation.

The government ended the water emergency on June 19, noting that “recent rains in the region enabled partial recovery of the flow of streams and main water reserves used for population supply.”

The Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture, and Fisheries (GUB) estimates that the water deficit resulted in a US$1.8 billion loss in the productive sector.

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