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López Obrador confirms that Castillo tried to take refuge in the Mexican Embassy in Lima

The President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, confirmed this Thursday that Pedro Castillo contacted them to request political asylum in the Mexican Embassy in Lima.

However, he was intercepted and detained by the authorities, who accused him of an alleged crime of rebellion after announcing the dissolution of Congress and the establishment of a government of exception.

López Obrador pointed out that he was warned that Castillo was on his way to the Embassy. Still, he regretted that “surely they had already tapped his telephone” so that “he could not even leave” and “they immediately detained him”.

 Castillo, transferred by helicopter to the same prison where Fujimori is. (Photo internet reproduction)
Castillo, transferred by helicopter to the same prison where Fujimori is. (Photo internet reproduction)

“Soon after, they took the Embassy with police and also with citizens”, said the President, who informed that he asked the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Marcelo Ebrard, to speak with the Mexican ambassador in Peru, Pablo Monroy, so that “they would open the door for him, by our tradition of asylum”.

The Mexican President demanded the Peruvian authorities respect the human rights” of Castillo, to “act with true legality,” and “to protect his family”.

On the other hand, he has indicated that they will not break relations with Peru for the moment, although he has asked to “wait a few days”.

“We will wait a few days; I think it is the most appropriate thing to do. It is not our purpose to intervene in attempts; we regret that these things happen because the people suffer,” he said in his morning appearance before the press.

“It is important to learn the lesson because this is being applied in different parts; they are soft coups, it is no longer military intervention, it is to go with the control of the information media managed by the oligarchs of the countries”, he said.

The objective of these maneuvers, he denounced, is “to undermine the legally and legitimately constituted authorities, especially if they are people who suffer from the people, or who want to do something for the benefit of the people and do not belong to the elites”.


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