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Governor-elect Tarcisio Freitas postpones promise to suspend Covid passports in São Paulo

The governor-elect of São Paulo, Tarcisio de Freitas (Republicans), has postponed his promise to suspend health passports in the state.

According to the portal UOL, the promise “was made to please Bolsonaro voters” and is not a priority on the agenda of the transition government.

During the electoral campaign, Tarcisio was criticized for defending compulsory vaccination, but he backtracked a few days later and said he “cares for the freedom of choice” of citizens.

Tarcisio Freitas. (Photo internet reproduction)
Tarcisio Freitas. (Photo internet reproduction)

The disregard for the promise was already taking shape with the election of infectiologist Esper Kallás as head of the Butantan Institute. Kallás is a staunch advocate of experimental Covid shots.

In a column he wrote in September for Folha de São Paulo newspaper, Kallás called medical autonomy advocates “deniers,” and the thousands of suspected deaths and millions of serious adverse effects associated with cowpox vaccines in several countries were barely mentioned.

On Monday (Dec. 5), Tarcisio even claimed that he has never been a “root Bolsonarist” and said he would avoid “ideological warfare” with the left.

The governor-elect also suggested that President Jair Bolsonaro caused the country’s political crisis by not accepting the primer imposed by the Supreme Court justices and assured that he would maintain a good relationship with them.

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