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Eight outdoor venues to enjoy on sunny days in Rio de Janeiro

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – After such grey spring days in Rio, heat and sun are again making part of the Carioca lifestyle. With summertime approaching and Covid-19 infection rates decreasing in the city, Rio de Janeiro seems to be, little by little, restoring its spirit – one marked by eventful street life, bustling public squares, and busy outdoor bars.

There is plenty to experience in Rio other than nature programs – especially on sunny days. If you are new to the city and aim to explore what these blue skies have to offer an escape from touristic guides’ clichés, find below some authentic tips to have a great time on a typical sunny day in Rio de Janeiro.

1) Largo da Prainha – A Port Zone square that is home to the famous Casa Porto (a Brazilian food restaurant that usually hosts cultural events), Largo São Francisco da Prainha has become a true landmark of Rio’s Port Zone. A place to indulge with good food (Bafo da Prainha is a must-try restaurant) or a fun night out with friends (a DJ plays from the second-floor of Bafo da Prainha on weekends), Largo da Prainha is the place everyone talks about these days – no wonder, the Saúde neighborhood, where Prainha is located, was considered one of the world’s most excellent neighborhoods by Time Out London.

2) Codorna do Feio – If you are looking for an off-circuit experience and feel like trying authentic Brazilian barbecue, Codorna do Feio is a mandatory address. Located in Engenho de Dentro neighborhood (right next to Méier, not far from Tijuca), Feio is particularly famous for its grilled codornas (quails) and fair prices. Most of Feio’s tables take over a significant part of Dias da Rocha Street, making the restaurant an excellent idea for a sunny day’s lunch.

3) Feira da Glória – A classic after a Sunday beach time is heading to Feira da Glória, the street market right at the Glória Metrô Station. Apart from its many fruit and veg stands, the market abounds with food stalls (from Peruvian ceviches to Argentinean empanadas), making it an excellent place to head on lunchtime. Furthermore, “rodas de samba” perform at Feira da Glória almost every Sunday, including the respectful “Gloriosa“, run by the seventh-chord musician Paulão Sete Cordas.

Located on the hill of Santa Teresa neighborhood, Aprazível offers a spectacular view of Rio and sophisticated plates inspired by Brazil’s regional cuisines. Photo: Aprazível Facebook page.

4) Aprazível – Located on the hills of the Santa Teresa neighborhood, the view of Rio de Janeiro from Aprazível’s deck is simply spectacular. While this sophisticated restaurant is also open for dinner, you will not regret having lunch at Aprazível on a bright sunny day. The restaurant’s menu is also an attraction, with selected ingredients and regional plates from diverse parts of Brazil.

5) Parque Guinle – In the neighborhood of Laranjeiras, Parque Guinle is a green oasis to have a picnic with friends, do some exercise, take kids to play or lie down on the grass and enjoy the sun. Laranjeiras residents are the majority of regulars at Parque Guinle, which is usually less crowded than other Rio parks, like Quinta da Boa Vista. What’s more, as it stands only 10 minutes away from the Largo do Machado subway station, the park is easy to get to.

6) Ilha da Gigóia – Most visitors, and even many Cariocas, still haven’t heard of Ilha da Gigóia, a small island in the mid of Barra da Tijuca. Spending a day on the island, whose nature is still very well preserved, is an excellent option for a sunny day in Rio. If you want to explore the island on foot, make sure to check Beco das Artes, Alameda das Mangueiras, and have food at one of Gigóia’s excellent restaurants. Boats to the island depart from the deck next to the Barra Point Mall.

7) Morro da Urca – One of Rio’s most famous postcards, Morro da Urca (the first hill composing the Sugar Loaf touristic complex), is a natural wonder that visitors cannot miss – especially on sunny occasions. There are many ways to have a great time at Morro da Urca, only depending on your interest and physical conditions. More adventurous visitors will love to do the Morro da Urca hike, an easy half-an-hour trail uphill that takes you to the top of the first Sugar Loaf Complex hill. Otherwise, taking a chilled walk along the Claudio Coutinho Lane is simply enchanting.

8) Quinta da Boa Vista is an excellent program for families, considering it has plenty of activities for children on weekends. Situated in São Cristóvão neighborhood (right in front of the São Cristóvão metrô station), Quinta da Boa Vista is now a park that once was the (huge) garden of the Brazilian Royal Family’s home.

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