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Bolivia Opens Global Bids for Small Lithium Salt Flats

Bolivia’s government revealed plans to assess over 20 small salt flats and open them up for international bidding for lithium production.

Franklin Molina, the Energy Minister, shared these details. The state firm YLB will handle the project.

“YLB will start measuring in October,” Molina said on ¡Qué Semana!, a radio show. “We’ll then invite worldwide bids for these salt flats.”

He stressed quick production for small flats. These can produce between one and three tons of lithium.

Bolivia plays a big role in the global lithium market. The country has been exploring small salt flats in the Andean region.

Bolivia Opens Global Bids for Small Lithium Salt Flats. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Bolivia Opens Global Bids for Small Lithium Salt Flats. (Photo Internet reproduction)

President Luis Arce gave an update in July. Bolivia now has 23 million tons of lithium reserves.

This makes Bolivia the world leader in lithium deposits. The biggest salt flat is Uyuni, with 10,000 square kilometers.

Coipasa comes second, covering 2,500 square kilometers.

Raúl Mayta, the Deputy Minister, spoke in July. Bolivia has at least 32 small salt flats. Most are in the western areas of Oruro and Potosí.

The global demand for lithium is rising. It’s used mainly in rechargeable batteries. Its role in electric cars and energy storage is growing.

Bolivia wants to tap into this increasing demand. It aims to use its resources smartly. International bids can bring in more investment and skills.

As clean energy gets more popular, Bolivia’s lithium could be vital.


Bolivia has a rich history of mining. It was known for silver in the colonial era. Now, it aims to be the leader in lithium.

Lithium is a key element in today’s tech world. It powers everything from phones to electric cars.

Bolivia’s move is strategic. Lithium’s value in the global market is skyrocketing. The country wants a big slice of that profit.

Past ventures didn’t yield expected results. Yet, Bolivia is not backing down.


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