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Macron Proposes Third Path in Indo-Pacific with Bangladesh

French President Emmanuel Macron visited Bangladesh to talk about a “third path” in the Indo-Pacific.

He met Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in Dhaka. Macron arrived from New Delhi, where he had joined a G20 summit.

His brief trip aims to build strong partnerships during global uncertainty.

“We want to offer a stable alternative with Bangladesh,” said Macron. He highlighted the need to ease tensions, especially in the Indian Ocean.

Hasina welcomed France’s help in fighting climate change. The two leaders discussed educational and cultural exchanges.

Macron Proposes Third Path in Indo-Pacific, Partners with Bangladesh. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Macron Proposes Third Path in Indo-Pacific, Partners with Bangladesh. (Photo Internet reproduction)

“We aim to play an effective role in maintaining regional stability,” Hasina said.

Macron is the first French leader to visit Bangladesh in over 30 years. The last visit was by François Mitterrand in 1990.

“We’re starting a new chapter in our long-term relationship,” said Macron at his welcome dinner.

Hasina praised Macron as a positive force in world politics. She said his visit would spark new kinds of cooperation.

In 2022, France’s exports to Bangladesh reached $254.32 million, as per UN data.


The Indo-Pacific region is a strategic focal point where global powers like the U.S., China, and India are vying for influence.

Macron’s proposal for a “third path” aims to offer a diplomatic alternative. This could be a way to balance relations, avoiding a direct alliance with either the U.S. or China.

France has historical ties to the region, given its colonial past in places like Vietnam.

By engaging with Bangladesh, France might be looking to expand its regional influence.

Bangladesh is also important due to its rising economy and strategic location near India and China.

The visit holds historical significance as well. Mitterrand’s visit in 1990 came at a time when the world was witnessing the end of the Cold War.

Macron’s visit happens amid a new era of global tension, indicating a full-circle moment in Franco-Bangladeshi relations.


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