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Cuba Faces Accusations of Covert Ukraine Role

The NGO “Prisoners Defenders” claims Cuba sent soldiers to support Russia in Ukraine. They also say Cuba holds 1,045 political prisoners.

According to this group, Cuban state media like Prensa Latina back Russia’s narrative. This influences public opinion across Latin America.

During a 2022 trip to Russia, Cuban leader Miguel Diaz-Canel recruited young people for the war.

No steps were taken to halt this, and recruit numbers grew. Ukrainian investigators have revealed 199 Cuban passports.

These belong to Cubans already fighting in Ukraine.

Cuba Faces Accusations of Covert Ukraine Role. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Cuba Faces Accusations of Covert Ukraine Role. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Planes Bring War Recruits

Since July, hundreds of recruits have flown from Cuba to Russia. Flights operated by Aeroflot carry between 500 and 1,000 recruits, reports the NGO.

Despite growing evidence, Cuba admitted the operation only on September 8. They blame a Russian ‘human trafficking network’ for it.

The group also stated Cuba doesn’t need training from Belarus forces. This implies a high skill level already.

The group suggests the military training in Belarus is for the Ukraine conflict. They believe Russia pays for this training.

Cuba might be ‘leasing’ these trained forces to Russia, much like it does with doctors and teachers.

The group says this makes Cuba’s role in the conflict even more significant.


Cuba has a long history of international military involvement. From Africa to Latin America, its soldiers have fought in various conflicts.

This experience may make them skilled fighters for modern wars. It also puts Cuba in a unique position among nations.

During the Cold War, Cuba and Russia were close allies. They often worked together against American influence.

This history could be driving the current alleged cooperation in Ukraine.

Russia’s military actions in Ukraine have drawn international attention. Several nations condemn Russia and impose sanctions.


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