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Serrinha do Alambari: a Natural Treasure in Rio’s Mountain Range

By Beatriz Miranda, Contributing Reporter

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – On the Mantiqueira Mountain Range, in the Southern Rio State, lies Serrinha do Alambari, a district from Resende city. Still a little known destination among Rio’s residents, Serrinha can absolutely surprise nature loving tourists, especially for its falls and natural pools.

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Among Serrinha do Alambari’s diverse natural pools, the Poço das Esmeraldas (the Emeralds’ Pool), inside the Camping Club, is one of the favorites, photo internet recreation.

Serrinha is an area of environmental preservation of around 11,000 acres. The district was founded in the 1970s with the opening of Brazil’s Camping Club – which, today, hosts Serrinha’s most accessible natural pools.

Because Serrinha is neighbor to places with much higher touristic appeal, like Penedo, Maromba and Visconde de Mauá, many people skip the first destination, missing the opportunity to visit the region’s most stunning natural pools.

A great option for those who have never visited the region is to extend the stay a few days to also get to see a little from Penedo, Resende, Visconde de Mauá and Maromba. For tourists looking for more comfortable accommodation and diverse culinary, sleeping over in Penedo – only 20 minutes away from Serrinha – can be a more interesting choice.

Even though Serrinha’s accommodations are still very simple, the district’s Camping Club does offer a good structure for visitors and guests, including Wi-fi, restrooms, bar, sauna and a parking lot.

The trails to Serrinha’s most popular falls and pools start from the camping, which charges R$12 per person. Since all the trails have good signage, guides are not needed. Poço da Esmeralda, Poço da Sauna and Poço de Cima are considered Serrinha’s favorite natural pools.

Brazil, Rio, Rio News, Brazil News, Serrinha do Alambari, tourism
The Camping Club is Serrinha’s main accommodation, which offers a structure with sports courts, bar and wi-fi, photo internet recreation.

Additionally, there is a variety of falls and pools situated outside the camping area, which are also worth hiking. The most famous trail is the one that leads to Poço dos Dinossauros and Poço do Céu.

Both of the pools are located inside private properties; thus, visitors must pay around R$30 to enter the trail, and must always be accompanied by a local guide. Because the path to both pools is steep and slippery, it is only recommended to tourists with considerable hiking experience.

Those who decide to stay in the Camping Club will find a structure that includes hot shower, sports courts, playground, sauna and a restaurant. The overnight stay costs R$25 per person, and there is also a fee of R$10 per tent.

Visitors who look for a more diverse culinary scene for dinner must go to Penedo, where one can find restaurants like Rei das Trutas, whose specialty is the Trout from Rio’s Mountain Range; Casa do Fritz, which serves German dishes; Pérgola, which offers a more sophisticated dining proposal; and Jardim Secreto, French and Italian inspired cuisine.

To get to Serrinha do Alambari, one must first take Presidente Dutra Road, direction Resende, until KM 311. Then, one must turn to the RJ 163 Road through the Penedo/ Visconde de Mauá exit. Coming from Resende, Serrinha’s entrance can be found 4 kilometers after Penedo.

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