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Brazil’s Fernando de Noronha relaxes health rules for tourist entry

On Thursday, October 13, Fernando de Noronha entered its sixth stage of reopening the archipelago for tourism after covid-19 and eliminated, through Portaria nº 62/2022, the need for covid-19 tests for entry to the island.

The measure has already taken effect on the date of publication of the text.

In addition to the mandatory testing for all tourists, Ordinance No. 2/2022, which required the presentation of proof of vaccination for arrival in Noronha – now also unnecessary – was repealed.

In practice, the new rules require only the testing of passengers, who will be drawn randomly from each flight that lands in the archipelago.

Fernando de Noronha belongs to Brazil's Pernambuco state.
Fernando de Noronha belongs to Brazil’s Pernambuco state. (Photo: internet reproduction)

About 10% of all travelers will undergo RT-PCR-type tests to diagnose the disease.

If the visitor tests positive, they must serve quarantine “for as long as necessary for their clinical cure or end of the probable period of transmissibility.” The traveler must also pay for the costs.

However, if health professionals detect a severe condition in Fernando de Noronha, hospitalization, hospital treatment, or removal is at the archipelago’s expense.

It is still mandatory to wear a mask covering the mouth and nose in spaces intended to provide health services, such as medical centers.

If the protocol is not followed, the traveler may be fined up to two minimum wages or R$2,424 (US$460).

According to the general administrator of Noronha, Jorge Antonio Dias Correia de Araújo, the flexibilities were possible due to the “current situation of low circulation of SARS-CoV-2” and the epidemiological scenario of covid-19 in the state of Pernambuco.

The year’s season was also considered “unfavorable to the transmission of diseases arising from respiratory viruses,” a period that should run from September until February 2023.

It is important to note that Fernando de Noronha Airport is still operating with restrictions on jets.

Therefore, please check with your airline about the status of travel operations to the archipelago before planning your vacation.

With information from UOL

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