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The art of asking questions: How a customer survey can boost your business

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Polling services are a great tool for businesses of all sizes. They allow reaching your audience directly – all your customers are just a couple of clicks away. Not only is it important in terms of building customer relationships but it also offers a huge amount of essential data.

Today, many companies choose customer-centric strategies because they are proven to be extremely effective. According to the NGC study, businesses with such strategies experience a 30% higher customer retention and a 55% increase in revenue. To add to that, 55% of customers said that they are not likely to return to a company if it ignores their feedback.

How a customer survey can boost your business. (Photo internet reproduction)
How a customer survey can boost your business. (Photo internet reproduction)

So there is no doubt that customer surveys are crucial for business growth and success. Yet, it is important to recognize their full potential and see how exactly they can help.


The obvious factor is that such surveys help to better evaluate the market and understand the target audience. For example, students can be more interested in a cheap write my paper service while professionals might look for specific writing services, like help with white papers. This data allows writing companies to customize their services and separate these two target groups.

Understanding your demographics is at the core of every successful company. After all, you have to know who you offer products or services to and what their primary concerns are. But this is by far not the only way to gather and interpret essential data.


When you are looking for growth, it all starts with evaluating where you are at the moment. Benchmarking means evaluating data in a way that shows weak and strong points. It helps to highlight the areas of improvement.

As a result, you get more insight into growth prospects and blueprints. It is also very useful to collect specific data regularly to track progress and adjust your strategy.


Another factor to consider when planning a company’s growth is performance. Polls help to evaluate how the audience sees it. It is applicable not only for brick and mortar companies but also for online producers or retailers.

For example, you can ask users how they found the website and whether it was easy to use. Did they have any troubles? Was the loading speed decent? Or maybe they need more information on the product page. Such studies can get insight into employees’ performance as well. For example, the helpfulness of customer support.


There is nothing more valuable than clients’ feedback when it comes to working on a product. They are using it and they know exactly what they like and what they do not like. What adjustments can be done? How can you customize it more? What new features would make it even better?

All of that can be based on your team’s ideas of course. But backing any business decisions with factual data is a way to decrease any risks. Well-designed surveys allow eliminating guessing from the company’s strategy and add actionable insights.


Often there is an underrepresented audience group. Or there is a new market that hasn’t been addressed yet. Polls are a great way to find such opportunities and benefit from them. For example, your primary target audience is students. But among them, there can be a decent percent of international students who have completely different issues and pain points. Maybe English is not their first language or maybe they have trouble adjusting to a new country.

Evaluating this segment allows for customizing products or services to them. As a result, you get a more detailed customer segmentation which boosts customer experience and retention rates.


On the other hand, the data from clients can show that there is a place for a new product or service. You get to know the audience better and see the trends in their needs. Based on this information, your team can design a new product or service to address any arising needs faster than competitors.

Surveys also help to make such decisions number-based. One can ask about how much clients are willing to pay for it or how many of them are interested in it. Now you can establish not only a business opportunity but also a profitable price point.


Such studies are important not only for you but also for your clients. They always appreciate the opportunity to have direct contact with a merchant. It ensures that their input is valid and appreciated. An audience needs to know that they are heard and they matter. All of that works to gain more trust and loyalty from their side.

And when they see that their feedback is used to customize services or make their experience better – it is a win-win situation. After all, they are the main reason for any company’s success.


All of the above is necessary to create a world-class experience. Arguably, it is one of the most essential factors in any product’s success. Today, anything can be bought from different producers and retailers. For example, both Puma and Adidas make excellent sneakers. But what makes them different is not only the branding but the experience they offer. And the values they represent, of course.

The same principle applies to any industry. People come not only to buy something; they want their experience to be unique and enjoyable. And that’s where the received data can help. After all, no one knows better what they want than your audience.

And surveys are relatively a cheap way to have that constant communication to always work towards a better strategy. One gets a better comprehension of the buyer’s journey and their interaction with the brand.


This one might be pretty obvious and simple, yet worth mentioning. Sometimes all it takes to keep a client coming is keeping in touch with them and saying thank you. Gratitude for their trust is a great way to connect on a deeper level.

You can also offer some rewards for going through the survey. But overall, saying thank you goes a long way.


Something as simple as a couple of questions offers a great way to gather all types of data. It can be used for reporting to senior management or stakeholders. Such data can be also collected regularly to get a historical track record of the company’s performance in many aspects, from marketing to retention.

What is the benefit one might ask? It helps to make number-driven decisions with a minimal amount of risk. There is no need to try and guess what works and what needs to be improved if you know that for a fact.


Customer survey is a relatively inexpensive yet extremely powerful way to boost a business. It allows collecting a lot of data to evaluate the performance, customize products, boost customer experience and relationships, as well as find new market opportunities.

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