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Dry polar air mass causes snow and frost in Brazil’s South and Southeast

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL –  The temperature drop predicted last week by the National Meteorology System (SNM) was confirmed and caused frosts and below-zero temperatures in the South of the country.

The trend indicated by meteorologists is that the cold will continue intense until Wednesday (21) in most of Brazil, with the coldest temperatures in the country so far this year.

In a note, the National Institute of Meteorology (Inmet) reports that yesterday (19), in southern Brazil, the lowest temperature was recorded in General Carneiro, in southern Paraná: -5.2 ° C. Until then, the lowest temperature of the year had been recorded on June 29 (-3.9°C).

Brazil? Yes it is. (Photo internet reproduction)
Brazil? Yes it is. (Photo internet reproduction)

Negative temperatures were also recorded in Santa Catarina state, and southern Paraná. In Bom Jardim da Serra (Santa Catarina), the temperature was -4.3°C. In Inácio Martins (Paraná), the temperature reached -2.4°C. Located in the northwest of Rio Grande do Sul state, Santa Rosa registered -1.8°C.

Some locations in the Serra da Mantiqueira (Minas Gerais state) also had below-zero temperatures. In Monte Verde the temperature was -1.2°C. According to the SNM, Rio Brilhante was the city with the lowest temperature in Minas Gerais (-1.5°C).

It snowed at isolated points in Campos de Cima da Serra (Rio Grande do Sul state) and on top of the Planalto Sul Catarinense between Sunday night (18) and dawn on Monday (19).

“Strong winds, with speeds above 80 km/h, blew in the eastern strip of Rio Grande do Sul (Pelotas reached 84km/h) due to the extratropical cyclone moving across the Atlantic, east-southeast of Rio Grande do Sul,” reported Inmet.

In São Paulo, the lowest temperature was in Rancharia, in the southwest of the state, with -1°C. The drop in temperature also covered the northwest of the state. In Valparaiso, the minimum reached 0.7°C.

According to Inmet, the forecast for “moderate to strong frost” continues to “a wide area of the South Region, south-central Mato Grosso do Sul, part of the interior of São Paulo and southern Minas Gerais, including the Serra da Mantiqueira in the early morning and early hours of Tuesday (20).

For Wednesday (21), the institute’s forecast is that the frost reduces in its area of coverage and its intensity, “but still occurs with moderate intensity in the area more restricted to the south of the country, and weak intensity over part of eastern Sao Paulo and the Serra Mantiqueira range that divides Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

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