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7 benefits of health insurance with maternity coverage

If you are looking for a plan to protect your finances during pregnancy, you must consider maternity insurance. Maternity insurance provides several benefits for the pregnancy period.

But if you already have health insurance, you can opt to purchase maternity cover in it. By getting health insurance with maternity coverage, you can get several extra benefits in our existing plan.

Read on about such benefits of health insurance with maternity coverage.

pregnancy, 7 benefits of health insurance with maternity coverage
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What is health insurance with maternity coverage?

Several insurance providers give the option to select a few add-ons along with the insurance policy. These add-ons increase the coverage and returns from the plan at the price of an added premium.

Maternity cover is an add-on that you can add to your health insurance policy. Pregnancy is an excluded medical condition according to the IRDAI guidelines, so health insurance usually doesn’t have it by default. You will always have to add it separately.

Alike maternity insurance, these covers also have a validity of 3 to 5 years, and you have to pay the extra premium for this duration.

They also have a common waiting period of about a year, during which you cannot raise a claim for pregnancy. The main advantage that people enjoy from such policies is that if they already have health insurance, they don’t need to go through the process of insurance approval again.

They can contact the insurer to add maternity cover to their plan. Thus they can almost instantly obtain health insurance with maternity coverage.

Top 7 benefits of health insurance with maternity cover

Health insurance benefits always increase due to the integration of two policies. In India, the number of people covered India by health insurance rose from around 350 million to more than 500 million from 2016 to 2021[1].

This jump of almost 150 million within five years shows the popularity of health insurance. This means that one out of two people already has health insurance.

So adding maternity coverage to their health insurance is a viable solution rather than purchasing fresh maternity insurance. Given below are the seven major benefits of health insurance with maternity coverage.

Low premium amount

A lower premium rate is one of the direct benefits of health insurance with maternity coverage. As you purchase a maternity add-on instead of maternity insurance, the final price of your policy will always remain lower than the premium of two different policies.

Single policy multiple coverages

Adding maternity cover to your existing policy eliminates the need for another policy. Thus creating a single policy but with multiple benefits. You also reduce the paperwork and handling that usually comes with two policies.

Pregnancy expenses

Health insurance with maternity coverage provides extensive coverage for pregnancy, including check-ups, tests, medicine, supplements, and consultation. So you don’t need to worry about the health of the mother and the child during pregnancy.


With the help of this cover, you get the hospitalization benefits as early as 30 days before the delivery date. It mainly helps those women who require extra medical attention during the last stage of pregnancy due to other health conditions. This also includes the charges of operation, delivery, doctor fees, and every other thing required during childbirth.


Sometimes, doctors choose to perform a c-section instead of normal delivery due to various constraints. C-sections can cost more than normal delivery as it is a type of surgery that requires anesthesia, stitches, blood transfusion, and advanced hospital facilities. So you financially prepare yourself for this highly expensive procedure with health insurance with maternity coverage.

Neonatal care

Sometimes due to prematurity or existing conditions, the newborn child may require extra medical attention initially. For this, they may need to be in an incubator, neonatal care, NICU, or any other specialty clinic for a specific treatment. The maternity cover will also help you through newborn child care, which comes as a cover in the plan.

Extended stay

The mother may also be required to remain in the hospital for more days due to a c-section, blood loss, internal bleeding, or some other complication during childbirth. As health insurance with maternity cover provides an almost 90 days hospitalization window after childbirth, you don’t need to worry about the extra cost of the extended stay.

Knowing these benefits would have helped you see the importance of health insurance with maternity coverage. It will motivate you the next time you need to purchase maternity insurance. JOY Maternity Insurance Plan from Care Insurance is a maternity insurance policy with extra returns to the mother and child. Check out this plan’s amazing benefits before looking for any other plan.

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