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24-eyed poisonous jellyfish discovered in China

A species of poisonous jellyfish with 24 eyes that can kill within minutes has been found in China.

A team led by the Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) first discovered the new marine species in a lagoon in the Mai Po Reserve.

The new jellyfish species has a completely transparent body, three long tentacles, is highly poisonous, and measures less than an inch long.

Baptist University, 24-eyed poisonous jellyfish discovered in China
The species releases a toxin that can kill in minutes (Photo internet reproduction)

Scientists collected samples in a pond, researched for three years, and discovered the new marine species.

The animal found has been nicknamed Tripedalia maipoensis and belongs to the family Tripedaliidae, one of the most dangerous marine creatures.

Baptist University, 24-eyed poisonous jellyfish discovered in China
24-eyed jellyfish found in China (Photo internet reproduction)

“We named the new species Tripedalia maipoensis to reflect its locality, where the new species was first found,” says Qiu Jianwen, a professor in the Department of Biology at HKBU.

The jellyfish’s tentacles are shaped like oars, which enables it to move at high speed in the sea.

It releases a highly poisonous toxin that can cause paralysis, heart failure, and even death within minutes.

The 24 eyes are equally divided into four groups of six, located within sensory organs called “Ropalium” on each side of the bell.

Some researchers claim that two eyes of the species have lenses that allow the formation of images.

Meanwhile, the other four can only sense light.

A video posted by Hong Kong Baptist University shows the collection and operation of the jellyfish. Check it out:

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