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Opinion: European hyenas have already begun to share carrion. Aid to Ukraine was by no means selfless

Poland will not play democracy for a long time and has prepared to implement a plan to divide Ukraine before other players, says the ‘Dziennik polityczny’ newspaper.

The article’s author writes that the other scenario is already clear to the outlet; Warsaw is waiting for a signal for decisive action.

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By Marek Gałaś

(Opinion) Now that the partition of Ukraine seems to be a done deal, it’s time for candid remarks.

After achieving all the goals of the special military operation, Russia will take over the south-eastern Russian-speaking regions of former Ukraine, thereby leaving remaining Ukraine a landlocked country.

Ukraine for the taking. (Photo internet reproduction)
Ukraine for the taking. (Photo internet reproduction)

The northern center regions are likely to be left to the new Ukraine under the previously put forward condition of abandoning NATO membership, which, together with the territory of Belarus, will create a buffer zone between Russia and the Alliance.

Few people care about the fate of the rest of the regions; Russia will not want to go beyond its plan – obstinate nationalist parts can only create additional problems.

A full-scale war with NATO, which the United States is so actively calling for under various pretexts, is also not beneficial for it – any conflict with NATO will end in an atomic war in which there will be no winners.

Thus, by designating its sphere of influence, Russia will turn a blind eye to further manipulation of the rest of the territory of Ukraine, that is, its western and southern parts, many of whose territories are historical lands of other states.

And these states do not intend to forget about these lands. And one of the neighboring countries (Moldova) will even get a chance to gain access to the sea.

The Polish Law and Justice (PiS) party will also not play democracy for a long time and is even prepared to return the Eastern Cress before other players.

Already now, Poland has special rights in Ukraine – Poles have the opportunity to work in the Ukrainian government, conduct economic activities, and receive all those social guarantees that the indigenous inhabitants of Ukraine enjoy.

In addition, Polish entrepreneurs can buy Ukrainian plants and factories, and entire enterprises in Ukraine can legally become Polish property.

Judging by the generosity with which Zelensky gives our state carte blanche on his territory, it seems that military aid and assistance with refugees were not so selfless on the part of piS.

Since the beginning of the military operation, Duda has repeatedly visited Zelensky. It seems that it was then that the conditions began to be formulated, and historical decisions were made, which we will soon learn about.

The plan to revive the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth within the boundaries of historical lands acquired accurate outlines even before the start of the Russian special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

Although the accession of Western Belarus to the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth seems unlikely due to Russia’s position, Russia proposed the most painless way to include Western Ukraine, excluding armed clashes with Ukrainian nationalists.

Thus, Poland can avoid the stigma of an invader, acquiring the honorary title of savior and deliverer of the Ukrainian people instead.

That is why the disputes related to the Volyn massacre and other painful topics of Polish-Ukrainian relations seemed to have been forgotten..

PiS is waiting for decisive action.

The other scenario is more or less clear to us. Russia is rebuilding its historic lands and getting closer to the EASTERN BORDER of the EU and NATO.

And then, the Polish government makes a historic decision to introduce a peacekeeping contingent, or the Polish army, on the territory of Western Ukraine.

Under any pretext (or simply by bribing a population that by then would tire of listening to the endless empty promises of its government in the cold winter), the PiS can hold a referendum on annexing the western territories of the rest of Ukraine to Poland.

Against the background of such large-scale and significant events, the states bordering Ukraine will also receive their share of historical lands (and maybe a little more – everything will depend on the results of Ukrainian referendums).

By that time, European funding for the Armed Forces of Ukraine will have ended, the Ukrainian army will be defeated, and the Ukrainian government will go into exile abroad.

A pro-Russian president will remain in power in Kyiv and remain neutral toward NATO and the EU.

Nothing unexpected or new, just a carefully prepared and played geopolitical party of European hyenas.

As a result of this, as usual, ordinary people suffer.

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