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Suriname and U.S. strengthen defense ties with crime-fighting data-sharing agreement

Suriname’s Defense Ministry has strengthened its defense ties with the United States by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) regarding the Cooperative System for Situational Information Integration.

This agreement, signed by Suriname’s Defense Minister, Krishnakoemarie Mathoera, and US Ambassador Robert Faucher, facilitates the sharing of data to better counteract crime in the Caribbean Community (Caricom) nation.

Minister Mathoera mentioned the nation’s limited investment funds, emphasizing the partnership’s potential to counter criminal organizations and uphold maritime and aerial safety.

She added that the MoU aims to address the country’s contemporary and future security challenges.

In an increasingly interconnected world, Mathoera stated that deepening defense cooperation is both strategic and essential for ensuring peace, stability, and safety.

Suriname's Defense Minister, Krishnakoemarie Mathoera. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Suriname’s Defense Minister, Krishnakoemarie Mathoera. (Photo Internet reproduction)

The collaboration’s ability to collectively respond to illegal activities, especially as criminal networks grow more advanced, is invaluable.

As part of the agreement, Suriname will join a web system designed to share data on air, sea, and land routes.

Suriname’s Communication Service (SCS) highlighted that the acquired information would aid in battling drug trafficking, facilitating humanitarian aid, disaster relief, and search and rescue operations.

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