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Opinion: Tucker Carlson is about to revolutionize world journalism

By Daniel Lopez

(Opinion) A few weeks ago, I wrote an article about how Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News represented a giant move in controlling information on a global level.

Everyone wondered what the host would do next since his contract with his former employer – as speculated – prevents him from joining a new station, perhaps until 2025.

However, this past Tuesday (9), the answer may have finally arrived.

That’s because the host posted a new video on Twitter announcing a plan that may literally revolutionize journalism.

Elon Musk has been repeating that his acquisition of Twitter has, as one of its main goals, to value the so-called “citizen journalism” practiced by ordinary people outside the large media conglomerates.

However, we could not have imagined that the host of the most popular news program in the US would migrate to Twitter, paving the way for a revolution in how information is produced and distributed worldwide.

It is possible that, in a deal with Musk, Carlson could create a program in which he would have total production freedom.

Today, we observe around the planet (US, Canada, Europe, and Brazil) a movement that seeks to limit the power of Big Tech and, simultaneously, to shield traditional media.

However, the inauguration of a daily journalistic program by Tucker Carlson on Twitter may swing the pendulum the other way.

The move is reminiscent of Spotify’s masterful move in “buying the pass” of one of the world’s most important podcasts, the Joe Rogan Experience.

The streaming service is estimated to have paid around US$200 million for an exclusive contract with Rogan after the podcaster went on a collision course with YouTube.

This dispute led him to seek a “new home” where he could enjoy greater freedom.

Spotify, which was only doing audio streams, launched its video option, especially for Rogan’s arrival, a move that brought a huge influx of new users.

It is possible that, in a deal with Musk, Carlson will be able to create a program where he has full productive freedom.

If so, Twitter would create a new space for content producers, who would be urged to migrate to Musk’s platform for greater creative autonomy and profitability.

Would Twitter be the stage for an anti-systemic media and citizen revolution?

I must admit that the current scenario leaves us considerably skeptical about improvements.

However, in this case, I am tempted to dream again.

* A journalist, graduated from the School of Communication, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. He is a doctor in Linguistics (UFF), a master in Linguistics (UERJ), a bachelor in Theology (UMESP), and a licentiate in Literature. He is a writer, translator, and university professor. Maintains the YouTube channel “Daniel Lopez” and the website

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