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Musk challenges Soros: a legal battle over hate crime and misinformation in Europe

Elon Musk, CEO of X (formerly Twitter), plans to sue NGOs funded by George Soros, alleging they spread misinformation to justify curbing freedom of expression in Europe.

This move followed a report claiming that Soros-backed politicians and NGOs in Ireland and Scotland were falsely reporting a rise in hate crimes to restrict freedom of expression despite official data indicating increased tolerance levels in Europe.

Consequently, the Irish parliament is considering a law criminalizing the possession of allegedly hateful material, leading to potential home invasions, imprisonment, and fines.

Activist Michael Shellenberger highlighted the controversy, stating that the data contradicts the claims of increasing hate incidents and suggests that misinformation is being spread to justify severely limiting freedom of expression.

Musk responded by announcing X’s legal action to prevent the deliberate dissemination of false information by Soros-funded NGOs advocating for stricter freedom of expression limitations.

The longstanding public feud between Musk and Soros was noted, with Musk being a vocal supporter of freedom of expression and a critic of global efforts to limit freedoms funded by mega-capitalists like Bill Gates and Soros.

Earlier this year, Soros Fund Management divested from Twitter and Tesla after Musk’s acquisitions.

Musk then criticized Soros, comparing him to the Marvel villain Magneto, and accused him of hating humanity and wanting to undermine civilization.

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