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Meet all 3,800 graduates of Klaus Schwab’s globalist WEF education programs by name

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Who are the globalist members of the trade organization known as the World Economic Forum (WEF) and the operatives that they have trained, why should you care, and what can you do about it?

Let’s begin by answering, “who are they?” The current 100 WEF full members (“Strategic Partners”) are drawn from the largest corporations in the world, together with their owners and managers, who are often referred to as “Davos Man”.

The list of corporations, owners, and managers that control the WEF is not disclosed, and membership can only be inferred indirectly.

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However, the WEF members do not act alone. Still, they have developed various groups of globally distributed trainees who generally work in accordance with the detailed policies and positions developed and distributed by WEF leadership.

(Klaus Schwab: We penetrate the global cabinets of countries with our WEF Young Global Leaders)

These training programs have been operating for over three decades, resulting in the placement, distribution, and rapid advancement of many thousands of WEF-trained operatives throughout the world.

WEF chairman Klaus Schwab has famously claimed that these operatives have been strategically inserted into key positions in various governments and influential positions in essential industries such as media, finance, and technology.

The ‘Malone Institute’, founded by critical mRNA researcher Dr. Robert Malone, has published a list of the approximately 3,800 graduates of the WEF’s “Global Leaders of Tomorrow” and “Young Global Leaders” cadre.

One should at least memorize the names of Schwab students in one’s own country – because to what extent these politicians, media professionals, entrepreneurs, and co. act for the interests of the citizens is highly questionable.

The institute’s website reads:

The Malone Institute (primarily Dr. Jill Glasspool-Malone and Anita Hasbury-Snogles), in collaboration with the Pharos foundation and Pharos Media Productions in Sweden, has invested months and hundreds of labor hours to mine existing and historic publicly available data sources to develop a detailed summary of graduates from two WEF training programs; the World Economic Forum’s Global Leaders of Tomorrow (a one-year program that ran from 1993 to 2003) and Young Global Leaders (a five-year program started 2004/2005 and still running).

These people have been intentionally and internationally deployed as foreign agents representing the interests of the WEF members to “penetrate the global cabinets of countries” as well as a wide range of key business sectors, including banking/finance, other business sectors (including health and biotechnology), academia and health, media, technology, logistics, arts and culture, sports, politics, and government, think tanks, telecommunications, real estate, financial investment/holding companies, a variety of non-governmental organizations, energy, aerospace, and military, food and agriculture.

The document with all names can be downloaded here.

The list goes far beyond big names like Bill Gates, Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron, or Mark Zuckerberg. It includes people from all the sectors mentioned above in pretty much every country.

To claim that all these people automatically follow the WEF’s plans would be an insinuation. Of course, it is unclear to what extent they represent and try to implement the ideals of the WEF in detail.


The WEF is the organization that has masterminded the globally harmonized planning, development, and implementation of the lockdowns, mandates, authoritarian vaccine campaigns, suppression of early treatment options, global targeting of dissenting physicians, censorship, propaganda, information and thought control programs which we have all experienced since late 2019, writes the Malone Institut on its website.

This is the organizational structure used by the ones who have sought to control and manage the world to advance the economic and political interests of their members through the ongoing “Great Reset” (as named and described by their chairman Klaus Schwab) by exploiting and exacerbating the social and economic disruption which they have artificially and intentionally crafted since SARS-CoV-19 began spreading across the world, the institute continues.

The musings and plans of this trade organization read and sound like the implausible sinister plot of a fictional international spy novel concocted by a second-rate version of Ian Fleming, John Le Carre, or Robert Ludlum, ads the Malone Institut.

They are backed by the financial resources of many of the wealthiest people in the world. For examples of the “muddled thinking and pseudo-science which these self-appointed masters of the universe” (Malone Institut) proudly publish, it is recommended that you do your best to read ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’, ‘The Great Narrative for a better future’ (both by Klaus Schwab and Thierry Malleret), and ‘How to Prevent the Next Pandemic’ (by Bill Gates). A detailed interactive summary of their policy positions and the interrelationships of those policies (“transformation map”) can be found here and for COVID-19, here.

The Malone Institute recalls Klaus Schwab’s statement that it is proud to infiltrate governments worldwide with its Young Global Leaders. Citizens should therefore ask themselves two questions:

“Are these people I can trust with my future and that of my children?”
“Do they represent my interests, values, and what I believe in?”

If you decide that you cannot trust them, or that they do not share your interests and values, then it is time to act to prevent them from taking control of all aspects of your life.

Otherwise, concludes the Institut, the WEF seeks to take away everything you own and completely control all aspects of your life. One of the key predictions of their ‘Global Future Councils’ is that by 2030, you (or your children) will own nothing, and will be happy. Here is a link to other aspects of their vision of tomorrow.

The document with all names can be downloaded here.

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