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More than 12,000 visitors from 50 countries entered Uruguay in first 5 days of open borders

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Uruguay received a total of 12,081 foreigners in the five days following the opening of borders. Among the people who entered, more than fifty different nationalities were counted at all the access points that exist in the country.

“I highlight the number because it speaks of an important spectrum”, said the Minister of Defense, Javier Garcia, in a press conference. He added that most of those who entered the country was of Argentine and Brazilian nationalities, as is usual in Uruguay.

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A total of 96 foreigners were rejected for not complying with the requirements to enter the country. There were “people who did not comply with some of the established guidelines,” Garcia said, such as having a negative PCR done no more than 72 before entry, having a complete vaccination plan with the 14 days since the last dose completed, and making an online affidavit.

General San Martín Bridge, the border between the Uruguayan city of Fray Bentos and the Argentine city of Entre Ríos (Photo internet reproduction)

“Some of these criteria were not met and motivated the rejection so that they could be fulfilled and they could enter in order,” the Minister commented. He did not specify the most common causes of rejection, but they fell within those three criteria.

The most significant tourist traffic points were the Carrasco International Airport in Montevideo, where around 4,500 people entered, and the General San Martín Bridge, the border between the Uruguayan city of Fray Bentos and the Argentine city of Entre Ríos. Montevideo Portal reported that some 3,000 people arrived at the latter.

The Minister added that fifteen troops have already been incorporated to work at the border crossings of Paysandú and Fray Bentos, both on the western border with Argentina and that the National Customs Directorate will soon be reinforced with 14 more officers.

He also announced that the Navy would open a bidding process to build a naval base in Fray Bentos that will expand the capacity of river, commercial and logistic transit in the area.

At the same time, the national director of Border Crossings, Milton Machado, said that together with the Ministry of Defense, a plan would be implemented to improve the current infrastructure of the nine access crossings to the country to achieve better performance services and comfort.


Although Uruguay opened its borders to foreigners from any part of the world (it had already done so to real estate owners), it remained firm in allowing the entry of tourists who comply with specific requirements. These requirements are as follows:

1. To have a negative PCR done up to 72 hours before the trip, which only children under six years of age may not present.

2. To have the complete vaccination schedule 14 days after the last dose. In case of having had covid-19 in the 90 days before the trip and, therefore, not having the complete vaccination schedule, it is allowed to present a positive PCR with seniority or an antigen test. Minors may not submit the vaccination certificate.

3. Make an affidavit online within 48 hours before the trip. There you will put the requested information, including personal data, vaccinations, and PCR test.

Those who wish to enter Uruguay must do so through the authorized border points, whether ports, airports, or land crossings. On the other hand, Uruguay requires a second PCR test seven days after entering the country but does not require quarantine.

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