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Violent left-wing protests in Peru: policemen were burned alive in Puno

The protests against the government of Dina Boluarte began the same day that the failed dictator Pedro Castillo was arrested. That fateful December 7, militants of the Peru Libre communist party destroyed the area of the National Congress and clashed with the police.

However, the level of violence that has been seen in recent days in the Puno area, in the south of the country, is unprecedented. Prime Minister Alberto Otárola reported that the protesters have generated the total destruction of the main cities, have tried to take over airports and blocked all access routes.

According to the official, the protests are financed by the Bolivian government, which is evidenced by the presence of Evo Morales in the city of Puno, the main focus of the protests.

Violent, Violent left-wing protests in Peru: policemen were burned alive in Puno
The burned body of non-commissioned Officer Quispe (Photo internet reproduction)

Protesters have looted supermarkets, set cars on fire in the streets, destroyed public transportation, have beaten people in the street, but most dangerous of all, they have launched a manhunt for police officers.

The most sinister case occurred this Monday with PNP non-commissioned officer José Luis Soncco Quispe, 29, who was tortured and burned alive in Juliaca (Puno) by terrorists.

As reported by the government, a mob set fire to the vehicle of the Juliaca Emergency Squad, license plate PR 14648, which had been dispatched to contain the riots.

Several police officers managed to escape from the vehicle, except for José Luis Soncco Quispe, who died by burning, and Ronald Villasante Toque, another officer who suffered burns but managed to escape with his life. Toque was rushed to the Juliaca International Clinic, where he has been recovering from his injuries.

Unfortunately, Quispe’s fate was the worst possible, and far-left protesters desecrated his body and left a sign on the burned corpse that reads “Dina Murderer.” In addition, 2 service pistols and 1 AKM were stolen from the patrol car.

With information from La Derecha Diario

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