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Peruvian Congress allows Pedro Castillo to be sued for criminal association

The Peruvian Congress has allowed this Wednesday the constitutional accusation presented by the Prosecutor General’s Office against the Peruvian leftist president, Pedro Castillo, in which he is accused of being the head of a criminal organization established within the Government.

With 13 votes in favor, eight against, and no abstentions, the Subcommittee of Constitutional Accusations (SAC) of the Peruvian Parliament has approved the report of qualification of the constitutional accusation presented by the Prosecutor General of the State, Patricia Benavides, against the Peruvian president, reported ‘La República’.

Peruvian Congress. (Photo internet reproduction)
Peruvian Congress. (Photo internet reproduction)

Now, the constitutional complaint will have to follow its course in the Permanent Commission of the Congress to, if it reaches sufficient votes, get the plenary of the Parliament.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, Castillo would be the head of a criminal organization active in the Ministry of Transport and Communications in collaboration with Juan Silva, former Minister of this portfolio, with the former Minister of Housing Geiner Alvarado, as well as with officials of Provías Nacional and Provías Descentralizado, of the Presidential Office and business people and third parties, to favor the Tarata III Bridge consortium and other companies in public bidding processes.

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