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Peru bleeding, protests in Peru have had their first two deaths

The protests in Peru, in favor of closing the Congress of the Republic of Peru and calling new general elections, have had their first two deaths in the city of Huancabamba, Andahuaylas province, in the department of Apurímac.

The dead were identified as Bekam Romario Quispe Garfias, 18, and DAQ, 15.

The Hugo Pesce hospital in Andahuaylas, where Quispe Garfias was taken, said he died from head trauma caused by a “blunt object.” “Despite the efforts made, he died at 5:50 p.m.,” the Peruvian hospital said.

About the second fatal victim, the regional governor of Apurímac, Baltazar Lantarón, said that he would have lost his life due to a “gunshot wound at the height of the neck.”

In statements to Canal N, the highest authority of Apurima specified that the minor arrived dead at the health center of the region, where he was transferred to see if his life could still be saved.

“As a regional government, we are forwarding the demands of the Apurimeño population to the President of the Republic, Dr. Dina Boluarte, so (that there will be) the advancement of the elections, the closure of Congress and a new Constitution,” the governor said.

By Twitter, Peru’s Ombudsman’s Office lamented the minor’s death, requesting that the facts be “exhaustively” investigated.

“We demand an end to the actions of violence in Andahuaylas and in all places where protests occur. We reiterate that violence is not part of the right to protest and that police intervention must respect people’s rights,” the institution specified.


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