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Peru and Ecuador work together to increase border security and fight cross-border crime

Peru and Ecuador’s governments entered into an agreement to enhance the security along their shared border and step up efforts against transnational organized crime.

They also plan to share immigration data related to their boundary.

The pact was endorsed by the Interior Ministers of both nations, Vicente Romero of Peru and Juan Zapata Silva of Ecuador, during a gathering in the border town of Tumbes, located in northern Peru and adjacent to southern Ecuador.

Romero expressed gratitude for the collaboration and emphasized the need for both nations to take a strong stance against criminal activities, ensuring no leeway for criminal organizations.

He mentioned that the police chiefs of both countries have already planned joint operations in critical zones.

Photo Internet reproduction.
Photo Internet reproduction.

A notable part of their agreement includes an institutional framework for the exchange of immigration data.

This will facilitate coordinated reviews on individuals entering and exiting the countries covered by the agreement.

The shared data will include information about individuals with convictions, outstanding arrest warrants, travel bans, or those with problematic identity documents.

Furthermore, there’s a consideration to establish specialized anti-crime brigades (Brecc) in border cities.

These brigades will receive training to counter challenges such as organized crime, illegal mining, human trafficking, drug trafficking, and other criminal activities.

Romero and Zapata have scheduled a follow-up meeting on September 15th in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to assess and strengthen the initiatives agreed upon during their recent meeting in Peru.

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