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Pedro Castillo “does not remember” to have dissolved the Peruvian Congress

The former Prime Minister of Peru, Guido Bellido, has assured this Friday that former President Pedro Castillo “does not remember” having pronounced the speech in which he dissolved the Parliament and decreed a Government of exception, which led to his arrest on Wednesday.

The former Castillo’s first head of government has given rise to a sort of conspiracy theory since he considers that it would be necessary to study the security cameras of the Government Palace to see what happened to the president in his last hours in office.

Guido Bellido and Pedro Castillo. (Photo internet reproduction)
Guido Bellido and Pedro Castillo. (Photo internet reproduction)

“The president does not remember. He has told me in his own words.”

The president says: ‘I do not remember that I have read (the message to the Nation where the closing of the Congress was arranged)’,” Bellido told the media, according to RPP radio station.

Bellido, therefore, has insisted that the reading of this decree by Castillo is justified by the fact that the president “was not well”, thus implicitly sowing doubts about a possible boycott of the former president.

“We need the freedom of Professor Pedro Castillo. We are going to demand that the president, in freedom, tell the country the truth,” said former Prime Minister Bellido.


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