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Bolivia and Peru agree on 35 measures to strengthen binational fight against drug trafficking

The governments of Bolivia and Peru have agreed on 35 measures to strengthen the integrated fight against drug trafficking during a two-day binational meeting in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz, Vice Minister of Social Defense and Controlled Substances Jaime Mamani Espíndola announced today, Saturday.

“We have established the Operational Plan 2022-2023 for cooperation in the field of alternative, integral and sustainable development with the prevention of consumption, rehabilitation, control of illicit drug trafficking and related crimes,” said Mamani Espíndola.

Drug trafficking. (Photo internet reproduction)
Drug trafficking. (Photo internet reproduction)

During the IX Meeting of the Bolivian-Peruvian Joint Commission to Combat Drug Trafficking, held Thursday and Friday, the two countries said they agreed to consolidate the Regional Center to Combat Drug Trafficking to strengthen efforts to fight drug trafficking on the common borders of the two countries.

The goal, he said, is to comprehensively combat drug trafficking and dismantle the transnational criminal organizations involved in these illegal activities.

He added that Bolivian Government Minister Eduardo del Castillo concluded the meeting in the presence of Peruvian Ambassador to Bolivia Carina Palacios and other Peruvian government authorities.

The 35 joint actions aim to optimize the integrated fight against drugs between the two countries.

These agreements include conducting coordinated and simultaneous operations in border regions by air, land, and sea.

It also aims to deepen the exchange of intelligence information and experience in combating drug trafficking and related crimes between the two countries.

The document, signed by representatives of both countries, provides for integrated airspace control mechanisms between the Bolivian and Peruvian air forces.

“We will develop a better regular exchange of information on illegal aircraft for drug trafficking that crosses the airspace on the common border,” he said.

It was also agreed to exchange experiences on the methodology to monitor coca cultivation and reduce excess coca plants using satellite imagery and field validation conducted by both governments.

He also announced that the 10th meeting of the Joint Commission would be held next year in Peru.


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