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Santiago Peña inaugurated as Paraguay’s new president

On August 15, 2023, Santiago Peña was inaugurated as Paraguay’s President in Assunção. The 44-year-old economist secured the presidency in April with 43% of the votes and is set to serve a five-year term.

Representing the center-right Colorado Party, which has existed since 1887, Peña continues the party’s leadership streak in Paraguay since the country’s re-democratization in 1989.

The day began with the outgoing President, Mario Abdo Benítez, transferring presidential symbols to Silvio Ovelar, the head of Paraguay’s National Congress. Ovelar briefly assumed the presidency before the official ceremony commenced.

The inauguration event started at 9:30 AM (Brasília time). Peña and his Vice-President, Pedro Alliana, and new government ministers took their oaths of office.

Santiago Peña. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Santiago Peña. (Photo Internet reproduction)

Ovelar, as the presiding officer, presented the presidential sash and baton to Peña, followed by Peña’s address to the nation.

Subsequent rituals included a prayer session at the Metropolitan Cathedral and a visit to the Palacio de López, the government’s headquarters.

Here, Peña and Alliana greeted visiting state delegations and leaders.

An official lunch was hosted at the Mburuvicha Róga residence for visiting heads of state.

Concurrently, Foreign Minister Rubén Ramírez welcomed international representatives at the Talleyrand de la Costanera restaurant.

The day’s festivities concluded with a 1.2 km military parade from Mariscal López Avenue to Kubitschek Avenue.

Among the notable attendees were leaders from Argentina, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Uruguay, Spain, Ecuador, El Salvador, the UK, the USA, Israel, Japan, and China.

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