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Paraguayan police arrests former presidential candidate Cubas

The National Police of Paraguay informed this Friday that they proceeded to arrest the former presidential candidate of the National Crusade Party, Paraguayo Cubas Colomés, in the public streets of the city of San Lorenzo, Central department.

According to the report, the procedure complied with an arrest warrant issued against the politician by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Paraguay for disturbing the public peace.

Cubas was arrested by the police forces when he was on his way to the central headquarters of the Superior Tribunal of Electoral Justice (TSJE) of the Paraguayan capital to lead a new demonstration against this State body.

Paraguayo Cubas Colomés. (Photo internet reproduction)
Paraguayo Cubas Colomés. (Photo Internet reproduction)

He was then transferred in a patrol car of the institution to the police prison called Agrupación Especializada, located in the capital Asunción, where he will be remanded in custody.

The politician expressed himself after his arrest through a live transmission on the social network Facebook, pointing out that he agrees with the police protocol but “that those who steal votes are calmly at home”.

Later, the Prosecutor’s Office informed that it charged the former president with five punishable acts, such as disturbance of public peace, the threat of punishable acts, an attempt to impede the elections, an attempt to coerce constitutional bodies and resistance.

According to the document, Cubas would have urged his followers to violate the facilities of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) and threatened the ministers of the Electoral Justice through his social networks to force them to annul the elections.

He adds that these actions would have had the objective of suspending the judgment of the minutes and making impossible the proclamation of the result of the general elections of April 30.

During the whole week, adherents of Paraguayo Cubas carried out demonstrations that resulted in violent acts all over the country, claiming an alleged electoral fraud during the general elections where the ruling candidate of the Colorado Party, Santiago Peña, was the winner.

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