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Paraguay closed 2021 with new record banana exports

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – Revenues generated in Paraguay by banana exports in 2021 totaled US$19.3 million, a figure that represents 23.7% more than in 2020, when shipments reached US$15.6 million, according to data from the Single Window for Exports (VUE) of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce (MIC).

In this regard, Hugo Franco, producer and exporter, told La Nación that the new record obtained was already expected due to the high demand and the excellent work being done by producers to improve production and quality with the support of technicians from the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAG).

“The private sector made a great effort to improve banana production because the Argentine consumer wants the same quality as the Ecuadorian banana. That is what they had to focus on,” he said.

Paraguay closed 2021 with new record banana exports. (Photo internet reproduction)
Paraguay closed 2021 with new record banana exports. (Photo internet reproduction)

He also stressed that despite the pandemic, shipments increased and added that 95% of the exported fruit went to the Argentine market and 5% to the Uruguayan market. He acknowledged a need to implement more technology in crops, such as irrigation systems, to further improve production at the local level.


In this regard, Franco said that banana plantations “withstand more” the onslaught of the weather than soybeans and other crops. Still, the crops are also suffering, and if there is no significant rainfall in mid-February, production could be affected.

The production area is concentrated in Tembiaporã, Guayaibí, the department of San Pedro, and Cordillera, where there has been an increase in recent times.

He mentioned that the projection for this year of the Mesa Nacional Intersectorial de Competitividad Bananera (Menicob) is to exceed by 30% the income from exports of 2021 since the quotation remains high. Still, everything will depend on the level of production.


Likewise, Franco reiterated the request to government authorities to speed up the completion of the asphalting of 32 kilometers in the section of Nueva Toledo, Tembiaporã, known as the banana route, since they would no longer have difficulties transporting the product.

“Having the route would allow us to get the banana to its destination with fewer bumps, making quality maintained and increasing production. We appeal to the authorities to listen to us,” said the producer and exporter.

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