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Lasso says he will not be a candidate in Ecuador’s elections after cross death

The president of Ecuador, Guillermo Lasso, said he would not run as a candidate in the presidential elections this year after he decreed “cross death” and dissolved the National Assembly in the framework of an impeachment trial against him.

The president made the statement in an interview with the Washington Post. He said he would use his remaining time in office to advance security, health, education, and infrastructure issues. He also said he is not interested in who his replacement will be.

The elections should occur within three months of the cross-death, and the vice-president of the National Electoral Council, Enrique Pita, said they could be next August 20.

Guillermo Lasso. (Photo internet reproduction)
Guillermo Lasso. (Photo internet reproduction)

Both Lasso’s supporters and the parties declared in opposition showed their acceptance of new elections, even emerging some of the names that would seek the presidency from 2023 to 2025, the year in which the term for which the current president was elected ends.

Among the possible candidates is Yaku Pérez, who was Lasso’s opponent in the 2021 elections, and although his aspiration is not confirmed, a message in his social networks reflects his work for constructing a political option.

Likewise, Otto Sonnenholzner, who was vice president of the republic (2018-2020), said on Thursday that if his role serves to “unify a trend, far from authoritarianism, far from inefficiency, far from corruption” in the next presidential elections, he will play the “role that corresponds”, in statements to La Posta.

Sonnenholzner did not participate in the previous sectional elections of the country, where he could have participated for the Mayor of Guayaquil.

Meanwhile, Fernando Villavicencio, after leaving his position as Assemblyman with the application of ‘death cross’, did not rule out participating in the next general elections of the country, pointing out that there are already some people with whom he has talked and with whom he would make formula for Presidency and Vice-Presidency.

Finally, another of the names that enter the presidential race is Jaime Nebot, president for life of the Social Christian Party (PSC) and president of Guayaquil for almost 19 years.

His name was placed in the new political scenario by Esteban Torres, ex-assemblyman and ex-vice president of the National Assembly, pointing out that given the early elections, Nebot is the “most powerful candidate for the Presidency of the Republic”, explaining to La Posta that he is an internal voice of the PSC that emerges “with a lot of strength”.

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