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Ecuador is the leading pineapple exporting country in South America

RIO DE JANEIRO, BRAZIL – The Ministry of Production also stated that the country is the eighth largest supplier globally. The exported variety is Golden Sweet.

According to the ministry, Ecuador is the leading exporter in South America and has also been able to position itself as the eighth largest supplier globally thanks to its good performance in shipping the fruit.

The exported Ecuadorian pineapple also has certifications such as Global GAP, Rainforest Alliance, and BASC.

Between January and November 2021, Ecuadorian pineapple exports reached US$46 million, according to records from the Ecuadorian Exporters Association (Fedexpor). This is 22% more than the same period in 2020 when US$37 million was shipped, and 16% compared to 2017.

The Golden Sweet variety is characterized by its sweet taste, size and aroma. (Photo internet reproduction)
The Golden Sweet variety is characterized by its sweet taste, size and aroma. (Photo internet reproduction)

This means that in 2021 the highest amount of fruit shipments was reached at the global level. Ecuador also grew in tonnage. The country increased from 75,573 tons in 2020 to 90,186 tons by November last year.

The country exports variety is Golden Sweet and is mainly grown in Santo Domingo. By 2020, the Ministry of Agriculture recorded 104,059 tons of fresh pineapple production nationwide.


The leading destination for Ecuadorian pineapple is the European Union. The Netherlands and Germany are two of the top buyers in this block.

In absolute terms, however, Chile is the first country to buy this Ecuadorian fruit, with an average annual demand of more than US$12 million. In 2021 alone, demand was US$15 million. Other buying countries are the United States and Argentina.

Chile and the Netherlands accounted for 65% of Ecuadorian shipments, exporting US$29 million between January and November 2021. The Netherlands bought almost three times as much in 2021 as in 2020 and previous years.

Although their share is minimal, New Zealand, Uruguay, and Russia are also among the buyers.

Pablo Ribadeneira, president of exporter Agroeden, explained that one factor that favored the positioning of Ecuadorian fruit in South American countries was that competitors such as Colombia reduced their supplies.

In the specific case of the company, last year, there was a good evolution of demand in countries of the Southern Cone such as Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay, where an average of eight containers per week are shipped.

According to the Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment, and Fisheries, pineapple production generates 2,500 jobs.

Xavier Rosero, executive vice president of Fedexpor, explained that fruit demand had increased worldwide since the pandemic, and tropical fruits such as pineapples have begun to position themselves in the international market.


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