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Authorities extend state of emergency in Ecuador’s Guayaquil

, Authorities extend state of emergency in Ecuador’s Guayaquil

Authorities in Ecuador have extended the state of emergency in Guayaquil and the surrounding cantons of Duran and Samborondon until at least Oct. 12.

The state of emergency provides security forces with more flexibility to combat organized crime.

It was initially declared in response to an Aug. 14 car bombing in Guayaquil that killed five people.

Guayaquil. (Photo internet reproduction)
Guayaquil. (Photo internet reproduction)

Under a state of emergency, authorities can partially suspend certain rights and freedoms.

Authorities may also establish security checkpoints and restrict movement, particularly after dark.

Law enforcement authorities may increase patrols and/or conduct warrantless searches of vehicles, persons, or premises.

Authorities may impose a curfew if they deem the situation warranted.

Localized disruptions to business and traffic are expected for the duration of the state of emergency.

Further security incidents, including additional car bombings, cannot be ruled out in the coming days and weeks, especially as authorities are likely to launch operations to locate and arrest suspected criminals.

The Aug. 14 car bombing was the latest in a series of attacks that have occurred in Guayaquil in recent months.

On May 29, a car exploded outside a police station in the city. A similar incident occurred on Apr. 25 in front of a prison in Guayaquil.


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