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At least 16 dead after landslide in Ecuador 

Heavy rains triggered a large-scale landslide in Alausí (Chimborazo province).

According to the government of Ecuador, “at least 16 people have died, more than 60 houses have been destroyed, and numerous people are still missing.”

Ecuador, At least 16 dead after landslide in Ecuador 
Police and firefighters are still working to rescue people who are trapped by the landslide (Photo internet reproduction)

The natural disaster alert was triggered at 9:48 pm local time on Sunday evening (26), confirming a series of calls for help and images shared on the social networks.

During the night and early Monday morning, several bodies were recovered.

Police and firefighters are still working to rescue people trapped by the landslide.

Six people rescued from the mud were transferred to health centers nearby.

The Governor of Chimborazo, Ivan Vinueza, reported on Monday that between 30 and 40 houses were affected by the landslide.

Residents had been warned of fault lines forming in the area.

Just days ago, the highway that connects Alausi with Guamote was closed after the tarmac had cracked open.

Some ten families had been evacuated from the Causal area nearby due to cracks in their buildings.

On Saturday, residents of the territory protested to demand intervention in the area due to the risk of collapse.

“Many people left the city, scared because the fear was extreme,” said Vinueza.

Nueva Alausi and Control Norte have been the most affected neighborhoods.

The local coliseum was buried.​​​​​​​

President Guillermo Lasso said he ordered the immediate activation of the country’s risk management agency.

The government announced that three temporary shelters had been set up for the victims and that 100 beds, 100 mattresses, and 100 aid packages will be delivered.​​​​​​​

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