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New fuel crisis in Cuba

A new fuel supply crisis has appeared in Cuba, already extending for more than two weeks.

In a context in which Cubans are used to suffering periodic cuts in the sale of gasoline, the regime of Miguel Díaz-Canel informed a few days ago that it would limit the number of liters to be sold to each Cuban because these must be allocated to “vital activities.”

sale of gasoline, New fuel crisis in Cuba
Among Cuba’s main gasoline suppliers are Venezuela and Russia (Photo internet reproduction)

“The sale of fuel will be evaluated according to the type of vehicle, with limits of liters established for each category,” the regime said in the official newspaper Granma.

Díaz-Canel has blamed the generalized shortage on the countries that usually supply gasoline to the island because they are facing a “complex energy situation”.

Among Cuba’s main suppliers are Venezuela and Russia.

The problems in the diesel supply have mainly affected the country’s electricity sector, generating frequent blackouts.

According to official figures issued by the state-owned Unión Eléctrica, up to 15% of Cuba has suffered power supply problems in the last few days.

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