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Costa Rica’s unexpected deflation amid post-pandemic economic upheaval in Latin America

While Argentina and Venezuela grapple with skyrocketing inflation, significantly eroding residents’ incomes, most Latin American nations are witnessing a price deceleration post-pandemic.

The region’s two dominant economies, Brazil and Mexico, have been gradually curbing these widespread price hikes, aligning more closely with their central banks’ targets.

Surprisingly, Costa Rica stands out in this region, not just for its low consumer price index but for registering the second-highest deflation globally at 2.29% in July 2023.

This comes after a sharp spike in inflation in 2022 when Costa Rica’s consumer price index soared to 12.13% in August.

Photo Internet reproduction.
Photo Internet reproduction.

Only Afghanistan outpaces Costa Rica in deflation, registering at 2.8%.

Among the world’s leading economies, China, the world’s second-largest, has been facing year-on-year deflation, concluding July at -0.3%.

Key Inflation Stats from Latin America’s Major Economies:

Brazil: Concluded July with an annual inflation rate of 3.99%, a slight increase from June’s 3.16%.

Despite this, Brazil’s trend has largely been deflationary, with a minor setback in July.

Mexico: The annual inflation rate settled at 4.79% in July, down from June’s 5.06%.

Venezuela continues to have the world’s highest annual inflation, though it dipped to 398.2% in July, a 6.2% decrease from June.

Argentina ranks third globally with its consumer price index at 113.4% in July. Recent currency devaluation forecasts indicate potential inflation surges.

Other Latin American Inflation Figures as of July 2023:

Bolivia: 2.7%
Chile: 6.5%
Colombia: 11.78%
Ecuador: 2.07%
El Salvador: 3.34%
Guatemala: 4.53%
Honduras: 5.15%
Nicaragua: 8.17%
Panama: 0.58%
Paraguay: 3.5%
Peru: 5.88%
Uruguay: 4.79%

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