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Mexican Embassy in Buenos Aires has been taken over by a former employee

A former employee of the Mexican Embassy in Buenos Aires managed to break into the embassy’s headquarters and threaten the staff.

The altercation triggered an operation by the Argentine Federal Police, which used snipers and managed to overpower the man suffering from mental problems.

A former official of the Mexican Embassy in Buenos Aires broke into the embassy headquarters and threatened the staff.

After barricading himself for several minutes, the man was arrested during an operation by the Argentine Federal Police.

Mexican Embassy in Buenos Aires
Mexican Embassy in Buenos Aires. (Photo internet reproduction)

After jumping over a fence, the man entered the embassy building in the Belgrano neighborhood of Buenos Aires.

According to the Argentine newspaper Clarín, the intruder managed to get into the toilets in the embassy’s courtyard.

When he was discovered by one of the officials, the ex-employee tried to threaten the workers and demanded the presence of the Mexican consul, who was not in the building.

The incident triggered an operation by the Argentine Federal Police, who were able to enter the premises after receiving authorization from the consulate itself.

According to the C5N television station, snipers were also used in police operations.
The officers managed to subdue the man without escalating the incident.

Police sources told Argentine media that the intruder was a former Mexican embassy employee who was undergoing psychiatric treatment.

He was there because he was trying to obtain “asylum” at the diplomatic headquarters.

After the incident, the Mexican Embassy in Argentina issued a statement clarifying that “consular officials and the Federal Police are handling the situation.”

It also indicated that “the emergency medical care system is properly supporting the case.”

The detainee had also previously attempted to break into the Cuban Embassy in Buenos Aires.


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