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2,000-peso bill enters into circulation in Argentina

The Central Bank of Argentina (BCRA) put into circulation yesterday, Monday, after its approval last February, the new 2,000 peso banknote (about 8.6 dollars), which doubles the largest denomination that existed until now.

As informed in a press release, the new banknote, designed in collaboration with Casa Moneda Argentina, will be distributed progressively through the country’s bank branch network.

The “commemorative” banknote pays tribute to the development of science and public health in Argentina by presenting on its obverse side the portraits of Doctors Cecilia Grierson and Ramón Carrillo, precursors of medicine in the country, and on the reverse side an image of the Doctor Carlos G. Malbrán National Institute of Microbiology.

2,000-peso bill enters into circulation in Argentina. (Photo Internet reproduction)
2,000-peso bill enters into circulation in Argentina. (Photo Internet reproduction)

The BCRA indicated that the banknote has “strict” security measures, such as a watermark that reproduces the images of Grierson and Carrillo “and the optical variability ink that changes color, with a three-dimensional dynamic effect.”

“In addition, it features micro-prints, latent image, front-back complementation motif, and magnetic, infrared, and luminescent inks,” the official communication reflected.

Likewise, it contains a new identification code with relief that is perceptible to the touch and is oriented to visually impaired people.

“While the process of digitalization of payments advances, this higher denomination banknote will improve the operation of ATMs and at the same time optimize the transfer of cash”, added the monetary entity.

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