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Brazil distributes one million doses of CoronaVac for Covid vaccinations of infants under 5 years

A new batch of one million doses of Chinese laboratory Sinovac’s Coronavac vaccine has been provided to the Brazilian Ministry of Health for the vaccination of children aged three to five in the country, it was officially announced Monday.

According to the Health Ministry, the Butantan Institute, a public laboratory in the state of São Paulo, supplied the doses, which will be distributed throughout the country to vaccinate infants between 3 and 5 years.

(Professor Zvika Granot about approving vaccination for babies and toddlers by the FDA in the US and by the Ministry of Health in Israel)


CoronaVac was the first vaccine approved and used in Brazil against the Covid-19 event in January 2021.

CoronaVac does not employ the controversial mRNA technology but the traditional inactivated aluminum hydroxide-adjuvanted technology.

Nine countries are currently vaccinating toddlers against Covid-19: Cuba, China, Argentina, Bahrain, Venezuela, Colombia, Hong Kong, Chile, and the United States.

Of those, only the U.S. is using mRNA vaccines.

None of the other eight countries vaccinating toddlers are part of the First World.

Five of the eight are under the control of socialist or communist regimes.

Several use Cuban- or Chinese-made vaccines, not non-mRNA options used in Europe or North America like Johnson & Johnson or AstraZeneca.


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