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Opinion: Milei’s presidential bid could shift Argentina’s global alliances

(Opinion) Milei’s presidential bid could shift Argentina’s global alliances. Libertarian candidate Javier Milei is making waves in Argentina’s politics.

He recently gained the spotlight after doing well in the presidential primaries. Milei has voiced unique foreign policy views.

He suggests Argentina should distance itself from China and BRICS. Instead, he wants to build better relations with the U.S. and Israel.

Milei publicly labels China as a “communist nation,” igniting debates. This has caught the attention of experts like Eduardo Martínez.

Milei's presidential bid could shift Argentina's global alliances. (Photo Internet reproduction)
Milei’s presidential bid could shift Argentina’s global alliances. (Photo Internet reproduction)

China currently holds the position of Argentina’s second-largest trade ally. It also funds many local infrastructure projects.

Martínez argues that Milei overlooks key economic opportunities by taking this stance.

Sociologist Teruggi states that such a drastic shift could have big economic costs. He points out that Argentina is financially vulnerable.

The nation needs consistent aid and trade from China and Brazil. BRICS, which Argentina recently joined, offers a financial safety net.

This could be crucial if support from the IMF wanes.

Teruggi also mentions that leaning too heavily on the U.S. and Israel may not yield much investment.

Brazil Relations

In addition, this could put Argentina’s good terms with Brazil at risk. This is a significant concern given Brazil’s key role in the Argentine trade.

Milei’s proposed changes set him apart from current and previous leaders. Ex-President Mauricio Macri maintained a balanced relationship with China.

His approach was less ideological and more focused on practical benefits.

Martínez highlights the challenges Milei would face in executing his plans. He suggests that ending partnerships with China and BRICS seems far-fetched.

Such a move could restrain private businesses that rely on Chinese markets. Even the U.S., amid trade struggles, has not severed ties with China.

Milei’s presidency could radically reshape Argentina’s foreign policy landscape.

Experts warn that this bold change may bring risks that could harm the nation’s financial health.

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