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Peru: Keiko Fujimori defends Boluarte against Petro and López Obrador’s criticism

Three-time presidential candidate, Keiko Fujimori, has defended Peru’s president, Dina Boluarte, from criticism from other regional leaders, such as Colombia’s Gustavo Petro or Mexico’s Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

“If I have to decide between supporting López Obrador and Petro or Dina Boluarte, I decisively support the one who has reached the Presidency legally and constitutionally.”

“That is the role that falls to all of us as Peruvians,” the leader of Fuerza Popular wrote on her Twitter account.

, Peru: Keiko Fujimori defends Boluarte against Petro and López Obrador’s criticism
The leader of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori (Photo internet reproduction)

“To see the president of Mexico call President Boluarte a ‘usurper’ is something that I categorically reject as a Peruvian woman.”

“Here, the only usurper is you, Mr. López Obrador, who is appropriating the Pacific Alliance,” Fujimori said, referring to Mexico’s refusal to hand over the presidency to Peru.

“On the other hand, the president of Colombia continues to meddle in our country, talking about a coup d’état.”

“A coup is the one that his comrade Pedro Castillo tried to carry out, which, as we can see, coincides too much with Gustavo Petro’s subversive temperament”, Fujimori continues.

Fujimori trusts that the Peruvian president will be able to go abroad “to put things in their place in the face of these unacceptable intrusions.”

She pointed out that “the democratic forces” of the country must put the general interest first and thus facilitate “the mechanisms so that she can do so as soon as possible”.

Fujimori is referring to a bill sent by Boluarte this week to Congress with which she intends to be able to run the country remotely when she is abroad since she does not have a vice president.

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